live workshop for highly SENSITIVE professionals who dream of rising to executive level

From Second Guessing to Self-Advocating

The 3 simple steps to confidently speak up for yourself, your ideas and your career so you'll be respected & appreciated as a natural leader in your organization.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

How to Self-Advocate by "Shining Your Own Star" (Even If It Feels Braggy to Self-Promote)

Too many impact-driven professionals are eclipsed by their louder “golden child” peers who interrupt, ignore and even take credit for other people’s work. And while you’re the first to advocate for others, it feels awkward to self-promote. Learn the 7 levels of self-advocacy and we’ll get you feeling comfortable - nay good! - at shining your own star.

How to Build a Constellation With Other Shining Stars

It’s lonely (and hard) to advance your career and make meaningful impact when you’re doing it by yourself. You’ll learn how to identify a great ally and how to build a constellation towards a common goal.

A Simple Yet Powerful Visibility Formula to Create A “Get Noticed” Supernova

To advance your career, you need to be visible. But not in the Old Boys Club kind of way. I’ll teach you the most authentic* technique to get noticed - and appreciated. That’s your supernova.

*we’ll also talk about why “authentic” feels like a cringe-worthy, overused buzzword, and I’ll give you a down-to-earth way of thinking about authenticity that feels good.

Advance Your Career And Leave Behind Those Sleepless Nights Worrying About Work

If you’ve ever laid awake replaying every little mistake from the day, you’ll know what “impostor insomnia” is like. It’s when we don’t feel like we fit in, that we’re from the Island of Misfit Toys. We’re just waiting for the day when they call up to say “Oh sorry, there was a hiring mistake, we don’t know how you got this job, please come with us.” 

Too often it feels like overcoming impostor thoughts means changing our personalities (maybe if I was more extroverted I’d get noticed) or sacrificing time with friends + family (just one more email and then I’m done, I promise). 

With an overflowing to-do list, it’s easy to question whether we’re cut out for what we do. 

So come join me in this workshop, where you’ll get the tools to wrestle those impostor thoughts to the ground. You’ll learn a different way of showing up in the most stressful situations - one that’s rooted in courage, connection, and compassion. 

Get out of the echo chamber in your own mind, so you can live a fulfilling life of joy and meaning.

Be bold, be brave and find your happy.

This workshop is a must for you if:

You’re a highly sensitive professional at the subject matter expert, team lead or middle manager level.
You want to make a positive impact, be seen as leadership material and one day move into an executive position.
You're ready to stop waiting for opportunities to be given to you and instead create them for yourself.

A Note from Liz

Dreaming of moving into an executive role is exciting - and also scary. I know what it’s like to be afraid to even whisper my big dreams out loud, worried that people would dismiss me, laugh at me behind my back or judge me if I failed. 

 This workshop takes everything I’ve learned from working with sensitive professionals who have big, scary career dreams. It’s going to give you the encouragement to pursue those dreams. And maybe even say them out loud. 

If you’re committed to making this the year that you show up for yourself, the year that you decide to live boldly in pursuit of your ambitions, it will also be the year that everyone else will sit up and take notice. It’ll be the year that you’ll turn heads and people will start saying, “I want whatever it is they’re having!” It’ll be the year that you advance your career. 

I promise, this is your year.