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Resting BossFace BootCamp

You’re ready to catapult ahead - it's time to get rid of the inner critic that’s holding you back.

After this 8 week group coaching bootcamp, you'll show up as an empowering leader in your organization and feel confident advancing your career.

Execs in heels

You’re passionate about moving into a management position as the first step to getting to the VP level. You're ready to be more visible and you want your voice to be heard.

This 6 month leadership development program will help you be recognized as a leader and get you a well deserved promotion.

Champagne Career Pep Talk

You want to grow your career, but you're not quite sure about your next best step. You need a partner to bounce ideas and help you create a strategy.

After this 2 hour strategy session, you'll feel confident that you're making the best decisions and taking steps in the right direction for growing your career.

Banish Impostor Syndrome Free 5 day course to get rid of the sneaky inner critic