Career Breakthrough Bootcamp -
Group Coaching Program

You want to build leadership skills so you can make a difference in your organization and finally break through the glass ceiling. Learn how to show up with presence (even if you have a super stressful workplace).  Show up more motivated, confident and powerful at work.  Be a presence that can't be ignored. Get noticed. Get promoted. 

After this group coaching program, you'll know how to show up  with  a leadership presence that improves the energy in your workplace and gets you tapped for promotions, special projects & assignments.

Private Leadership Coaching

You’re passionate about moving into a new leadership role on the road to getting to VP level. 
You’re poised & ready to catapult ahead - and your boss has offered you the support of a leadership coach. 

You'll be more visible, your voice will be heard, and all without burning out or sacrificing personal time. This 6 month private coaching program will help you achieve the total package: meaningful career AND peaceful life.   

Career Strategy -
Single Session

You want to grow your career, but you're not quite sure about your next best step. You have too many choices and you're looking for help to weigh the pros and cons properly. You'd love some help to brainstorm, make a decision and create a strategy.

After this 2 hour strategy session, you'll feel confident that you're making a great decision and taking steps in the right direction to advance your career.