8-week RISE Leadership Bootcamp

Get the Confidence You Need to move up In your career

Want to become a confident, authentic & respected leader, poised to rise to the next level without feeling like work is taking over your life?

Private Coaching

Get Promoted  while staying true to yourself

You’re ready to move up in your organization, and you want to command respect and authority.

Let's build your influence skills so that you’ll inspire your colleagues & senior leadership, be identified as a high potential manager, and feel confident as you move into a higher level role.

Private Coaching

Overcome overwhelm and achieve work-life harmony

This is a hybrid private coaching program for smart professionals who need coaching to fit in the pockets of their busy life. 

This is an offer that uses asynchronous coaching. We combine live Zoom sessions with video, audio and text messaging to give you coaching on demand. You’ll go twice as far in half the time by having a coach in your backpocket

Get Unstuck From Any Workplace Issue
60-minute private call on Zoom

Are you facing a sticky situation at work?

Let's get you actionable strategies to feel confident overcoming any obstacle.

Book an Unstuck Session to solve a problem and get a boost to feel more confident, authentic and energetic as you advance your career. You'll get a private sounding board to figure out your career situation.