Career Pep Talk
1-hour private call

Get personalized coaching and a private sounding board for your career conundrum. This is a one-hour call to solve a problem or give you a confidence boost in your career. We can use this time to work on:

>> Strategizing your next career move.
>> Discover your natural strengths to show up as an authentic & effective leader.
>> Create a personalized leadership development plan to lead teams that everyone wants to join.

The RISE Leadership Bootcamp
10 week group program

Rise in your 9-5 with more joy, less stress and meaningful impact.

Learn how to confidently show your true self and be seen as a respected leader without feeling like an impostor, having 2 am night sweats about minor mistakes, or having to join the Old Boys’ Club.

Oh, and did I mention? We'll break some glass ceilings along the way.

The Mint Ambition Mastermind
4 month small group program

Lead yourself and your team with greater clarity, confidence and ease as you prepare & plan for the next level in your career.

Join a small group cohort to deepen your leadership skills & tap into higher energy levels so you can have an authentic, calm and powerful presence as you reach for your dreams.

Pocketful of Coaching
6 month private program

When you want private coaching but don't know how to fit it in your busy life.

This is a new offering that I'm developing for asynchronous coaching. What is that you ask? Well, in addition to live Zoom coaching calls, we use Slack to have coaching sessions that are not in real-time. 

Responses can be audio or text, and we can send them whenever is most convenient - from computer or phone. 

Contact me for more information.