The Powerful Presence Society
Group Coaching Program

You want to boost your energy, make a difference and finally be seen as an influential subject matter leader. Learn how to show up with a leadership presence, even if you have a super stressful workplace.

After this group coaching program, you'll show up  with  an authentic leadership presence that improves the energy in your workplace and gets you tapped for special projects, assignments & promotions. Feel confident being seen as the go-to subject matter leader in your organization.

Private Coaching for Managers on the path to VP
Private Leadership Coaching

You’re passionate and poised to move up on the road to a VP position. But you have a sneaky inner critic feeding you with private doubts. Your own gremlins are making you hesitate. 

With this 6 month coaching program, you'll feel confident being visible in your organization and get the next promotion, all without burning out or sacrificing personal time. You can achieve the total package: meaningful career and peaceful life.

Toxic Job Recovery
Individual Mindset Coaching

You recently left a toxic job and now you find yourself not trusting anyone - not your boss, not your colleagues and not yourself. You don't want to bring the negative mindset to your new job, but it's hard to feel confident after the micromanaging and constant negativity you experienced.

You want to get back to the confident & ambitious professional you used to be. You want to feel good about your work - and feel good about setting boundaries between your work and personal life. After this 6 session program, you'll let go of the toxicity that's still affecting you today. Your productivity will go up, because you'll start trusting yourself and the people around you. You'll feel happier and confident knowing that you are doing your best - and that your best is pretty darn amazing.