The RISE Leadership Bootcamp

Advance your career with less stress, more joy and a whole lot of impact. 

You’re passionate and poised to move up on the road to a VP position. But you have a sneaky inner critic making you self-doubt when you should be self-advocating. You're also in a fast-paced or mildly toxic workplace, and you worry about whether you can handle the stress of the next level.

After this 8-week group program, you'll show up  with  an authentic leadership presence that improves the energy in your workplace. You'll feel less stress at work, and you'll start getting tapped for special projects, assignments & promotions. Oh and we'll break some glass ceilings along the way. 

Executive Presence Private Coaching 

Get your next promotion.

You’re passionate and poised to move to the next level on your way to a VP role. You're told you do great work, your team loves you, but you're not making traction on that next promotion. And what's worse, your own gremlins are making you self-doubt when you should be self-advocating. 

With this 6 month coaching program, you'll feel confident being visible in your organization and get the next promotion, all without burning out or sacrificing personal time. You can achieve the total package: meaningful career and peaceful life.