Client testimonial

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with a testimonial!

What was the problem you were having before we worked together?
What did the frustration, stress or worry feel like as you tried to solve the issue?
What else did you try to solve it? (For example maybe you asked people for advice, read books, listened to podcasts, googled for the answer, or just tried to ignore the issue) Why didn't that work?
What was different about my approach? What did you appreciate? What would you tell someone about what it’s like to work with me?
What does life looks like now? How have things improved since we worked together? Was there anything specific I taught you or that my coaching tangibly helped you get there?
Can I use your first name and photo next to your testimonial? (I usually pull your image from LinkedIn, let me know if you prefer sending me a photo)
Anything else I should know or that you want to tell me?

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