If you're excited for the Self-Advocacy Made Easy Summit, you'll love the
All-Access Pass.

$600 worth of resources, live coaching, courses and toolkits to upgrade you feel more confidence & natural on your path to a Director-level position.

Upgrade your career while still feeling calm & natural with the All-Access Pass.

  • Feel more natural asserting yourself.
  • Get new opportunities & promotions.
  • Be a role model for other highly sensitive professionals.

Have the courage to speak up

Sleep well at night, knowing that you shared your ideas and spoke up for opportunities. This will also give you 

momentum for your next career move because you'll have the courage to speak up.

Enjoy the process of rising into leadership

Get tools & support to make rising into leadership feel less like a scary Halloween ride and more like a joyful adventure.

Feel motivated to seek out new opportunities & promotions

Feel confident knowing you have the tools to be ready for the next stage on your path to Director-level (or beyond!).

Grow your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome

Enhance your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome, so that you can move forward into the next season of your career.

Speak up with confidence

The summit presentations are action packed with amazing speakers sharing how you can feel confident advocating for yourself so you can rise to Director-level (and beyond!).

But the last thing you want is to feel rushed to catch every video. Plus you'll likely want to refer back to the videos whenever you want a confidence boost. That's where the All-Access Pass comes in.

Give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go. You'll also get bonus tools and support to make a lasting change and refer back to when it's time for your next high visibility moment - whether it's leading a meeting, having an important one-on-one or negotiating a promotion.

Confidently Share Your Opinion &
Ask for What You Want

With the All-Access Pass you get…

All-Access Bundle

  • Lifetime Access to full presentation replays to watch the sessions again exactly when you need.
  • Private podcast feed to listen to the sessions on the go .
  • Premium bonuses, including resources, courses and more to support you beyond the Summit. 
  • Summit Transcripts of all presentations so you can take in a presentation at your own pace.
  • Live coaching  to get personalized support on using your voice confidently to influence others.

Here's what you get in the all-access pass:

Summit Replays

Lifetime access to all summit presentations, so you can re-watch them at your leisure, including all Q&A's and coaching sessions.

This means you can get re-inspired by your favourite presenter right before a big meeting, job interview or any other situation where you want a confidence boost.

Value: $240

Summit Transcripts

Video is great, but sometimes it's lovely to read at your own pace. The transcripts will let you take a cup of tea or coffee and sit in a comfortable reading chair as you slowly take in the presentation in a different format. 

Value: $108

Private Podcast Feed

Do you prefer to listen to audio while on the go? You'll get access to an exclusive private podcast feed to listen to the presentations wherever you are. Whether you're on a commute to work or taking a walk in the forest, you can put in your headphones and feel inspired by our experts. 

Value: $108

 Leadership Coaching for Sensitive Professionals (Liz St. Jean)

Access to monthly group coaching sessions

If you've ever been curious about working with a leadership coach, here's your chance! This is a guided group coaching conversation, meaning you can choose to participate by speaking or by listening. (No way would we put a highly sensitive person on the spot).

We create a warm, nurturing environment to reflect and discuss your leadership and career questions.

You are welcome to bring any topic, but some past topics have included:

  • Burnout prevention
  • Making "no regret" career decisions
  • Key leadership skills for sensitive professionals
  • Using your voice to speak with confidence.
  • Career development paths for sensitive professionals

Value: $245

Liz St. Jean (She/Her/Elle)

How to reduce workload overwhelm and get an hour (or more!) back in your week to focus on finding your calm.

90-minute training with Liz St. Jean

With an ever-growing email inbox and mounds of tasks (usually because you're so dang good at what you do), it's hard to find time to even go pee, let alone go for a walk, have a real lunch break or do anything else to rejuvenate & calm your mind.

In this training, you'll get practical tips that also tap into your intuition to take back an hour (or more!) back in your week. This is an extremely hands-on training where strategy meets intuition to create some breathing room in your week.

Value: $119

Liz St. Jean (She/Her/Elle)

Ignite Your Career: Figure out the next strategic step for a career that excites you 

Self-Paced Digital Course by Liz St. Jean

  • Get the guidance you need with video lessons & worksheets to figure out "what's next" for your career, so you can get back to feeling passionate about what you do every day. (Even if you're stuck in indecision and don't know where to start.)
  • Learn how to weigh what variables/factors are most important to you so you can figure out how to set goals and decide where you want to see your career go.
  • Get the aha moments you need to stop feeling so miserable in your job and instead have the right energy to feel motivated & confident in your next career steps.
  • Come up with a do-able strategy to find a work environment where you feel supported and supervised by a mentor, learning more, and still maintaining good work-life balance. 

Regular Price: $297

Liz St. Jean

That's over $1100 worth of bonuses designed to help you speak with confidence as you rise to Director level (and beyond).

The value of the All-Access Pass is amazing - $1100+ worth of content to confidently advocate for yourself so you can rise into the next level leadership role.

Here's what past attendees have had to say

In my opinion this was the best online summit I've ever attended!

It's been full of AHA moments. By starting using the tips and tools the presenters have shared I feel more capable of finding balance between all my roles. 


This summit's given me a bunch of ideas to help bring things into balance and help me to progress.

I really liked the format - the shorter videos were great, since they fit into my evening better (while making/eating dinner, etc.). It gave me a lot to think about.

Thank you!

Liz did an amazing job setting this up. I'm very happy that I was able to participate in the full VIP experience.

The speakers were wonderful - engaging, interesting and presented the content in a very relatable way.

I'm looking forward to digging into Liz's other programs and the materials from this summit.

Thank you!


Can you remind me what the presentation topics are?

Of course! Here are all of the presentations that you'll have ongoing access for 12 months to watch and re-watch exactly when you need them:

Speaking up to advance your career as a sensitive professional

  • The 3 secrets to easily build a powerful personal brand using LinkedIn (even if you're uncomfortable putting yourself out there)
  • How to speak so others take you seriously without feeling like you’re coming across as “abrasive” or argumentative.
  • Identify your next best career move so you can confidently speak up for opportunities to grow your career.

Emotional resilience while rising into leadership

  • How to find your confidence and your voice after leaving a toxic workplace.
  • How to manage your emotions (including the tears) when facing rejection, conflict, and other difficult workplace situations.
  • How to stop worrying what others think and feel confident speaking up for yourself & your ideas even when impostor syndrome is  real. 

Thriving as a sensitive leader

  • How to give (and receive) feedback when you’re highly sensitive to criticism or rejection.
  • How highly sensitive professionals thrive in Director-level positions (and beyond).
  • How highly sensitive professionals can practice self-compassion and navigate difficult emotions while rising into leadership positions at work.

Speaking out, taking credit & stepping into your power

  • Helping Heart-Centred Leaders Effectively Manage Their Brands and Reputations.
  • How to articulate your accomplishments without feeling like you're taking credit for your team's work
  • How to feel comfortable sharing your successes, articulating your opinions and preparing for pushback against your ideas.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

How will I access the bonuses?

You'll get direct links to access the speaker bonuses. You'll be registering through the speaker's website, but don't worry, it'll only take a minute or two.  All the bonuses will be available by October 12.

I have other questions!

No problem! Send an email over to summit@themintambition.com and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

All-access pass


  • Private podcast feed to listen to the sessions on the go
  • Leadership coaching during the Summit
  • Extended access to all presentations
  • Transcripts of each presentation
  • Premium bonuses
  • Total value over $1100.