Self-Advocacy Made Easy

A Virtual Summit for Highly Sensitive Professionals

I hope you're as excited as I am, because this is going to be an empowering experience to help you advocate for yourself as you travel the path towards a Director-level position (or beyond!). 

All presentations are freely available for 2 days from the time you register. Check out the sessions below, and if you're feeling stuck about which sessions to prioritize, take the summit quiz to get a customized list of must-watch sessions based on your current season of the Career Growth Cycle.

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Summit Agenda

Pre, during and post-Summit

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Speaking up to advance your career as a sensitive professional

Madeline Schwarz

The Power of Empathy: How to Calm Your Nerves and Hold Your Own in Difficult Conversations.

Liz St. Jean (she/her/elle)

Three surprising myths about self-advocacy for sensitive professionals and simple mindset shifts to confidently advance your career.

Jackie Ghedine + Mimi Bishop

Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive: How to speak so others take you seriously without feeling like you’re coming across as “abrasive” or argumentative.

Emotional resilience while rising into leadership

Jasmine Escalera

How to find your confidence and your voice after leaving a toxic workplace.

Amy Pinnell

How to manage your emotions (including the tears) when facing rejection, conflict, and other difficult workplace situations.

Patricia Young

How to stop worrying what others think and feel confident speaking up for your ideas even when impostor syndrome is 💯 real.

Thriving as a sensitive leader

Julie Crenshaw

How to give (and receive) feedback - even if you’re highly sensitive to criticism or rejection.

Jenn Turnham

How to manage overwhelm and overstimulation when you are the manager and everyone needs your attention.

Nicole Case

How highly sensitive professionals thrive in Director-level positions (and beyond)

Confidence to take credit for your work

John Neral

Helping Heart-Centred Leaders Effectively Manage Their Brands and Reputations 

Jessica Guzik

How to feel comfortable sharing your successes, articulating your opinions and preparing for pushback against your ideas.

Julia Toothacre

How to articulate your accomplishments without feeling like you're taking credit for your team's work

Keynote Masterclass: From Second-Guessing to Self-Advocating

The 3 simple steps to confidently speak up for yourself, your ideas and your career so you'll be respected & appreciated as a natural leader in your organization.

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