Register for the Special Workshop "Designing Your Roadmap to an Executive Position"

Tuesday, July 7th 
7:30 pm EST | 6:30 pm CST | 4:30 pm PST

On July 7th, 7:30 pm EST I'm hosting a workshop with my friend, Katherine "KC" Coffman, retired Senior Executive (HR) of the US Treasury.

KC will guide us through a hands-on workshop to teach you how to make decisions on your path to a senior executive role.

Plus as a bonus, she'll share her story of how she went from being a clerk typist to running a candy store to being three levels from the President of the US! 

What best describes your current position?
  • Individual contributor (employee level)
  • Subject matter expert
  • Project manager or team leader (responsible for results but not people)
  • Supervisor
  • Middle Manager
  • Executive (VP or higher)
  • Independent Coach or Consultant
  • Other

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