Are you a Quietly Ambitious Leader or Professional and would like some free coaching to help you:

  • Position yourself for a promotion (whether for 3 months from now or 3 years from now).
  • Advance your career without being loud or pushy.
  • Be seen and respected as an impactful leader.
  • Spend less time (and stress) worrying about meetings, emails, interactions with your boss and other daily work situations.
  • Get past a confidence hit or negative self-talk after a painful work experience.

I've been coaching quietly ambitious, empathetic and sensitive leaders for six years, and I know how much of an impact you want to make in the world.

I'm passionate about helping you advance, because I know you want to get to the next level for the right reasons.

In return for free coaching, all I ask for is a short marketing research interview to support me in improving my content and offers.


  • We'll start with me asking you a few questions about your situation, and getting a better sense of the challenges you face plus the goals (and dreams) you have. 
  • I will not be pitching or selling anything. If you were considering joining my programs, this is a great chance to try out my style, with no pressure. If you did want to learn more about working with me, we'll set up a separate consult call. 


  • We'll meet on Zoom for 30 minutes. The first 15 minutes will be me asking questions. The second 15 minutes will be pure coaching.

Fill out the form below, and once I look it over, I'll be in contact.

Just a few questions for me to get a sense of your situation. It's all kept confidential.

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