The Naturally Confident Leader Mindset Journal Prompts

Find natural confidence in your leadership skills as you advance your career.

Here's what you get.

Leadership Mindset Journal Prompts

This is the perfect set of prompts to listen to your inner voice (even if you're totally overwhelmed).

Start feeling optimistic that you can show up with a presence that can't be ignored.

You can use the prompts to help you... 

>> Feel confident expressing my thoughts and ideas in meetings/discussions at work.

>> Take things less personally at work and do a better job of being your authentic self.

>>  Improve how leadership is viewed within your organization.

With the introspection from these prompts, you'll feel:


Shift from feeling nervous about standing out to being more decisive and going after what you want with intention and conviction.


Feel optimistic that you can make a difference and achieve tangible results by taking on a leadership position.


Go from being your own worst critic to feeling powerful in your ability to improve your workplace and shatter glass ceilings. 

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