Three Savvy Secrets Every Professional Womxn Must Know About Getting Motivated, Getting Noticed, and Getting Promoted

Advance Your Career Without Changing Your Personality
or Sacrificing Your Values!

Shatter Glass Ceilings Without Changing Your Personality or Sacrificing Your Values

What you’ll discover in this workshop:


How to show up with leadership Presence

so you can get tapped for promotions, special projects & assignments, even if you have a super stressful workplace.


The 5 Energy Levels to master

so that you can STOP giving in to draining energy and START showing up more motivated, energized and powerful at work.


The Simple strategy To Staying Resilient

so that you can remain persistent when facing invisible barriers, bosses who manage up more than they manage you and the stab-to-your-heart feeling if you're not successful when you apply for a promotion process.


The Single Most Effective Way to Get Noticed by senior executives

so that you get sponsored by the people who have pull in your organization, without playing politics or joining the old boys club.


Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter.

Jackie H. - HR Manager

The moment I decided that I needed to work with a leadership coach, I was outside pacing and walking back and forth, almost out of breath from anxiety and stress. I realized how much the situation was having a psychological and physical effect on my person and knew I needed to get out of the situation.

Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter. It’s like yoga for the brain!

Now I’m feeling confident about my leadership, my boss has noticed and is expanding my role to take on more responsibilities!

Be brave, be bold and find your happy

We live in a world where including many voices is critical to organizational success.

We need womxn like YOU to bring diversity of thought into the rooms when decisions are being made. 

We need to shatter glass ceilings. 

A great leader can make someone race out of their car to get to that job they love.

You want to be that person. And here’s the thing…. You already have everything you need to be that person.

So I'm inviting you to make this your breakthrough year. Join me in bringing motivation, energy and a powerful presence to advance your career in 2021.

You MUST attend if....

You want to advance into a senior leadership role and you're ready to position yourself to succeed in the next opportunity that opens up.

You've contemplated how to balance a young family or other personal responsibilities while moving into a management position. 

You want to enhance your leadership presence and feel energized by taking on challenges where you might not succeed.

A Note from Liz

Rising into leadership is exciting and now is the perfect time, when you've been home and contemplating exactly what you want your future career to entail.  

If you're committed to making a big breakthrough in your career, I can't wait to help you build your energy, motivation, and momentum!

Liz St. Jean, Leadership + Life Coach

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