6 Instagram accounts for working parents to follow

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When you're a working parent, Instagram is an oasis where you can be inspired, giggle and feel uplifted.  

Whether you're sneaking a peek while your kid plays at the park or taking a mini break from your overflowing inbox, here are 6 great Instagram accounts geared towards you, the working parent. 


The mom brain is an instragram account by Elyse Shull, a therapist who focuses on perinatal health (translation: she makes sure mom is also ok when baby comes along).  Her Instagram account ranges from educational pieces ("1 in 7 women are diagnosed with postpartum depression in the first 3 months") to advice ("What was in my hospital bag")  to inspirational funnies (Take a deep breath and ask for help - Daniel Tiger"). I especially love that she has a reading list!


Marisa Lonic is the voice behind Let Mama Work It, an account devoted to helping moms manage the juggling act of having it all. She’s also authored a book Time Momagement to help women get it all done. There’s a lot of inspiration in her instagram feed - ranging from her own quotes, to quotes by others, and beautiful lifestyle images in between. A favourite post of mine is where she gleefully relishes in the fact that she does NOT meditate and she DOES steal blog posts from her book because “I’m tired and busy AF lately” That's definitely my kind of working mom.  😂


Live Work Lead is run by Mary Beth, who describes herself as a fierce advocate for parents in the workplace. What I absolutely LOVE about this is that she’s breaking down gender expectations and stereotypes by focusing on helping PARENTS not just working moms. Go Mary Beth!! Her instagram account will have you giggling (funny cartoons like “nice is like lycra...Just because we can stretch it to fit anyone doesn’t mean we should”), have you reflecting (“as mothers, we build and enhance skills through parenting that enable us to be even more successful and better leaders”) and of course the family photos in between ❤️


This is a great instagram account for the Working Moms Connection 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for changing workplace cultures to be more supportive of the working mom life. There are tons of amazing photos of the #workingmomtribe, from military moms to dentist moms, to pool-side new moms! They also sprinkle in funny posts (“The dishes in my sink are giving me a DIRTY LOOK again”) and thoughtful posts (“We rise HIgher Together”). Follow this account to get inspiration that you’re not alone and there’s a world of other working moms out there.


Career Love is run by Allison Venditti (a fellow Canadian!), who’s a Return to Work specialist and another passionate advocate for working parents. She has a lot of great lifestyle photos that will make you smile, and she posts - and she runs contests for fun things like mabel’s labels! She has a lot of insights about the struggles parents face as well as challenges and opportunities of remote work. This is a great account to follow if you’re contemplating your career after kids.


This is an instagram account for The Working Mom Collective. Kelli runs this blog, where she gives out great tips, inspiration and advice for women who are pursuing their dreams - at home and in their careers. Her instagram is fun and the imagery is whimsical - even when she’s asking a serious question (“If you’re struggling as a working mom what would make your life easier”). And she has great photos of her super cute daughter!

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