Are you a recently promoted mid-level leader grappling with imposter syndrome?

 Introducing The Impostor Syndrome SOS Kit. It's a set of my four best resources to give you an emergency kit when those impostor thoughts strike. They're actionable steps to get you past fear of failure, so that you can find your calm in moments of doubt.

Here's what you get in this set of 4 free resources.

The PERFECT Imposter Syndrome SOS Guide

7 ways to overcome impostor thoughts and feel good showing up with a powerful presence.

And with the oh-sotongue-in-cheek title of being called a "PERFECT" system :) 

Quick Start Guide to Self-Compassion

This guide will help you with the most powerful step in my PERFECT system - practicing self-compassion. It gives you 9 easy options to read about, write about and practice self-compassion.

Leadership Mindset Journal Prompts

This is the perfect set of prompts to listen to your inner voice (even if you're totally overwhelmed). Start feeling optimistic that you can show up with a presence that can't be ignored.

The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Books

Get instant access to a curated guide to over 200 leadership books. You'll get the guidance to choose exactly which leadership book will give you the information & confidence to move into a leadership position.

With this kit in hand you'll feel:


Shift from feeling nervous about standing out to being more decisive and going after what you want with intention and conviction.


Feel optimistic that you can make a difference and achieve tangible results by taking on a leadership position.


Go from being your own worst critic to feeling powerful in your ability to improve your workplace and shatter glass ceilings. 

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Impostor Syndrome SOS Kit

The FREE goodie bag of my four best resources to overcome impostor thoughts as you advance your career.

Hi I’m Liz! 

I know what it’s like, pendulum swinging between one day feeling confident as all get out... And then the next wondering who you tricked into get hired.

You definitely want this kit because with these resources in hand you’ll go from “OMG I’m totally getting fired today” 😱 to “Oh yeahhh, I’ve got this!” 😎

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