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Get even more from the Mint Ambition Summit with a premium upgrade and map your path to a dream job.

Get extended access, premium upgrades & live coaching valued at over $3900 for $197.

Upgrade your ticket & map your path to a dream job, so you can love your Monday mornings again.

Get extended access, premium upgrades & live coaching valued at over $3900 for $197 $167.

Watch the video to learn how.

With the Ultimate Escape Pack you can...

  • Escape a bad work situation.
  • Map your path to a dream job.
  • Love your Monday mornings again.

Have the courage to change

Sleep well at night, knowing that there is hope for your next career move because you have the courage to change.

Enjoy the process of making a job change

Enjoy the process of making a job change, because you have the professional coaching and peer support to cheer you on.

Feel motivated to search for your new job or promotion

Feel motivated to search for your new job or promotion and have the self-assurance that you have the tools to find a job that fits and not get caught in another toxic situation.

Develop your self-confidence and overcome imposter syndrome

Develop your self-confidence and overcome imposter syndrome, so that you can move forward into the next season of your career.

Identify & land your dream job.

January 17 - 21 will be action packed with amazing speakers sharing how to escape from a bad work situation. Because we both know that something needs to change now for your well-being.

Yet, emotions like fear and guilt often get in the way of making lasting change. This is why many of us need extra accountability to make sure we take powerful action to make our dreams come true.

That's where the Ultimate Escape Pack comes in.

You'll get the tools and support to make a change, find a new job or get a promotion to achieve peace of mind in 60 days.

Upgrade to Accelerate your Escape

With the Ultimate Escape Pack you get…

the 60-day "escape pod" Support & Mindset Coaching

The best way to overcome fear, anxiety & self-doubt is support (and accountability 😉 ) as you put your escape plan into action. You'll join like-minded professionals in the Escape Pod that's being led by Liz St. Jean, certified leadership & career coach. We'll meet every two weeks for 60 days, to give you the extra support you need to make your career change. 

Value: $850

extended video ACCESS & transcripts

Not sure you can squeeze in all the videos with the 24 hour free access?  The Ultimate Escape Pack gives you extended access to the videos for the next year.  This means you can take in the videos at your own pace.  You'll also get transcripts of all the videos, so you can choose how to get the most out of the presentations. 

Value: $650

Live coaching events during the summit

It's one thing to learn from the amazing experts. The Ultimate Escape Pack takes it to the next level with live events throughout the week. Each event will start with a fun connection event so you can build your network authentically. We'll then move into a coaching conversation based on each day's theme, so you can have even more breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. Meet and create lifelong relationships and deepen your resolve to escape in 60 days.

Value: $350

Premium Bonuses

You'll get access to a set of truly amazing bonuses from the speakers. They're all designed to help you escape faster and with a calm & graceful energy. Here are some highlights from the 19 bonuses:

  • LinkedIn Messaging Scripts
  • Freedom from Impostor Syndrome course
  • Career Development Plan
  • Boundary Setting Scripts

Value: Over $2100

Total value: $3900+

The Ultimate Escape Pack includes five bonus bundles to help you love your Monday mornings again.

Bonus Bundle #1

Mindset support to leave a job or find a new one, without landing in another toxic environment.

Value: $291

Love your Monday Mornings
Vision Board Workshop

Live Workshop

Liz St. Jean

Having a vision is powerful. It allows you to create a career on YOUR terms.

Everyone deserves to love their Monday mornings and feel excited to make an impact on the world around them.

Join me at this PURPOSE PARTY  to:

>> Create the life you WISH existed.

>> Design the life you KNOW you deserve.

You can have EVERYTHING you want in your life. It all starts with vision.

10 am to 1 pm ET Saturday January 22, 2022

Value: $97

Overcoming change and uncertainty with confidence

Online Guide

Charlotte Nicholson

When faced with challenges out of your control, it is easy to feel powerless. And in this workshop, I guide you in taking your power back. Through this tried-and-tested approach, you will learn how to make rational and confident decisions, even in the face of uncertainty. This approach will also show you how to create a clear path to accomplish your goals while reducing stress in the process. Together, you’ll have the chance to recognize the obstacles you each face and find a path forward to overcoming them. 

Value: $100

How to Make Powerful Decisions 

PDF Guide

Kayla Eggenberger

A decision making tool that will take you lightyears beyond the simple pro/con list. Start making powerful decisions that you feel good about.

Value: $27

Your Career Development Plan

PDF Guide

Dr. Tega Edwin

Your Career Development Plan ends the cycle of falling into jobs and staying past the expiration date in roles that no longer serve you. The career development plan and guide were created to help you take control of your career by developing a clear career vision and action plan to make your vision a reality.

Value: $67

Bonus Bundle #2:

Get your confidence back & overcome impostor syndrome.

Value: $300

Find Freedom From Imposter Syndrome

Online Course

Melody Wilding

Overcome the constant self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough — before they sabotage you in your professional life. Go from feeling out of control with your emotions to feeling calm and grounded throughout the day.

Value: $97

Bold Power Pivot™ 5-Day Bootcamp

Online Course

Keturah Rosato, LSW

Confidence is learned. What have you been taught? It’s your time to take that power back, because never has confidence been more easy to grasp than in this 5-Day Bootcamp. 

Value: $147

Like A Boss: 5 Tips For Creating Confidence & Success In Your Career

PDF Guide

Alison Forrest

In just a few minutes, you’ll have five science-backed strategies to getting you focused on what really matters at work, and pushing aside those “fraudy feelings” we can all get that stand in the way of our own fabulousness! Nothing beats one-on-one coaching for really digging into the heart of the matter, but I wrote this guide with the hope that you can take at least one thing away and try it on for size. Your sanity and your CV will thank you, I guarantee! Happy reading!

💥Eliminate the doubts and gain a new perspective

💥Get that promotion!

💥Unclutter your brain and get supremely organised

💥Speak up!

💥Find out today if you're fully aligned with your career

Value: $29

Improve Your Confidence & Presence in a Toxic Work Situation

Video Training

Liz St. Jean

You'll learn:

 * The Energy Leadership and High Self-Monitor frameworks to identify how your work situation is impacting your confidence.

 * How toxic workplaces affect your level of effectiveness and the burnout cycle.

 * Strategies to work through each energy level, consciously choosing how to show up as a powerful leader, even in a stressful work situation.

Value: $27

Bonus Bundle #3:

Overcome burnout and tell the world how amazing you are.

Value: $818

30 Day Burnout Recovery Challenge

Online Course

Duncan So

Are you burning out and self-care no longer seems to be working? Join our 30 Day Burnout Recovery VIP Challenge and gain the recovery skills to begin your recovery now. 

Value: $497

Getting Started Nutrition & Exercise Bundle

PDF Guide

Esther Avant

Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible - 1 massive eBook jam-packed with education, tips, tricks, and time savers to help you learn about nutrition and track macros effortlessly.

Plug-and-play at-home workout templates - everything you need to be an at-home workout pro in no time!

3 Recipe eBooks (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - simple, tasty, high-protein recipes to make knowing what to eat as easy as possible. Recipes are even already created for you in MyFitnessPal for convenience if you're tracking your food.

Value: $49

The Connection Codex

PDF Guide

Jaqueline Shaulis

Are you getting seen, heard, and respected? Time to crack the code on connecting to become a mistress (or master) of your domain! Craft your winning combination of 9 methods that leverage your introversion to unlock income and impact. The Connection Codex shows you how your communication and connection fare, and what you most need to embrace your AWESOME! 

Get 55% off The Connection Codex

Value: $163

Storytelling Masterclass

Live Workshop

Madeline Schwarz

Learn how to tell stories that capture attention in 90 seconds or less.

You'll leave with a framework to talk about yourself even when you don't like your job.

Thursday, January 27th, 12pm EST

Value: $75

Bonus Bundle #4: 

Create positive change (and set some boundaries) in your current work environment.

Value: $448

Boundary-setting scripts

PDF Guide

Stacy Raye Kellogg

Not sure how to say no or speak up for your needs at work? Especially in what feels like a toxic workplace? Download my Workplace Boundary Setting Scripts for scripts you can make your own, practice with, and use to set and keep and clear boundaries whenever you need them.

Value: $47

Empower! your conflict confidence

Live Workshop

Tammy Dunnett

5 Steps to More Confidence

Resolve Co-Worker Conflict Without Risking Your Career with Implementation Guide, Community Support Group and a special VIP Member invite only LIVE Training Session to support implementation.

Wednesday January 26, time TBD

Value: $227

Deep Dive: Matching Personal Values and Culture

Video Training

Judy Hissong

Aligning personal values with law firm culture doesn't have to be happenstance. In this 75 minute program we will dig into defining personal values, then diagnosing firm values. This experiential program will explore the gap between the two, and how to find opportunities to close it.

Value: $ 149

Gratitude at Work 4-Week Challenge

Online Course

Holly Bertone

Get expert help to discover what’s really going on and give you the simple, personalized strategies you need go from burned out to getting your fire back.

Value: $25

Bonus Bundle #5:

Build your network & upgrade your career.

Value: $261

Job Search Accelerated E-Book

PDF Guide

Lissa Appiah

The ULTIMATE Guide to Accelerating your Job Search!
The E-Book will help you define your career goal and confidently go after it, equip you with the winning mindset to reach your goal and create an effective strategy positioning you to land more interviews.

The E-Book includes:
☛ 8-Step E-Guide to position you to land your dream job
☛ LinkedIn Checklist
☛ Career Clarity Activity
☛ Job Search Action Plan
☛ Social Connection Worksheet
☛ Templates to contact recruiter or hiring managers
☛ Personal Brand Worksheet
☛ Fill-In and Printable Workbook

Value: $50

LinkedIn Messaging Scripts

PDF Guide

Jenny Ward

When you're job hunting, it's crucial to be clear on what you hope to gain from making a move, and keep those things in mind as you read job listings and research potential employers. Be alert for these red flags to avoid scrambling for another position only a few months.

Value: $27

How to Negotiate For What You Want Masterclass

Video Training

Janine Esbrand

In this masterclass you will learn about the importance of negotiating your next offer with ease and confidence. You will understand the key considerations you should make when preparing for negotiations and how to present your proposal in a way that is more likely to get a YES. 

Value: $97

The New Manager 90-Day Starter Kit 

PDF Guide

Makeda Andrews

A 40-page checklist and guide designed to walk you through the exact steps you need to take within the first 90-days of your new role as a manager. 

Value: $47

That's over $2100 worth of bonuses designed to get you a new job or promotion in 60 days.

The value of the Ultimate Escape Pack is so good.

 $3900+ worth of content to help you escape even faster. 

And you can get it all for just $197 $167 until January 23.

Here's what past attendees have had to say

In my opinion this was the best online summit I've ever attended!

It's been full of AHA moments. By starting using the tips and tools the presenters have shared I feel more capable of finding balance between all my roles. 


This summit's given me a bunch of ideas to help bring things into balance and help me to progress.

I really liked the format - the shorter videos were great, since they fit into my evening better (while making/eating dinner, etc.). It gave me a lot to think about.

Thank you!

Liz did an amazing job setting this up. I'm very happy that I was able to participate in the full VIP experience.

The speakers were wonderful - engaging, interesting and presented the content in a very relatable way.

I'm looking forward to digging into Liz's other programs and the materials from this summit.

Thank you!


Can you remind me what the presentation topics are?

Of course! Here are all of the presentations that you'll have ongoing access for 12 months to watch and rewatch at your leisure:

Monday: Decisions

  • How to know if you're not cut out for management or if you need to cut yourself some slack by Makeda Andrews.
  • Telltale signs that you are in a toxic job and it's not just in your head, by Jenny Ward.
  • How to trust your decision to leave and overcome imposter syndrome to move ahead confidently by Melody Wilding.
  • 5 decision-making mistakes keeping you stuck in a toxic job by Kayla Eggenberger. 
  • Power to Change: How to plan your future best case scenario by Tanya Jaklis.
  • Escape through change: How can you shift the toxic environment when you're not the one in charge by Valerie Rivera.
  • Defining Culture. How to identify what is a toxic and what is a normal work environment in a law firm by Judy Hissong.

Tuesday: Self-Care

  • Setting Boundaries: Say NO so you can say YES to yourself by Stacy Raye Kellogg.
  • Overcoming Fraudy Feelings: How to stop questioning your capabilities, and know, value and honour your self-worth in a difficult work environment by Alison Forrest.
  • The Hidden Trauma of Workplace Triggers and Four Secrets to Find Healing by Dr. Sean St. Jean.
  • How to set and keep realistic habits around food, sleep and exercise while you're working in a toxic environment by Esther Avant.
  • Easy ways to manifest gratitude at work (even if you hate your job) by Holly Bertone.
  • From Introvert to Influential: Leveraging your introversion to get seen, heard, and respected by Jacqueline Shaulis.

Wednesday: Connection

  • How to talk to people at a networking event when you hate what you do by Madeline Schwarz.
  • Five steps to remain productive, professional, and even collaborative in difficult work relationships by Tammy Dunnett.
  • How to network within your current organization, without looking unprofessional or throwing your boss under the bus by Stacy Mayer.
  • Being Talent Spotted - what you need to know about working with a recruiter with Jacqueline Helfer from Meta.
  • How to find new connections using professional associations and networking groups with Sheila Archambault Helke of Young Government Leaders.
  • How to build connection when you're in a toxic environment living far from family with Charlotte Nicholson.

Thursday: Job Search Tools

  • How to write about your current position on your resume when you feel like you don't have any "accomplishments" to brag about by Lissa Appiah.
  • How to exit a toxic work environment and find a fulfilling career by Dr. Tega Edwin.
  • How to not feel like a fraud (and even negotiate a higher salary), even if your inner critic is oh-so-loud by Beatriz Albini-Ruiz.
  • How to be the CEO of your career and land an ideal role by Janine Esbrand.
  • How to handle job applications and interviews when you’re burnt out by Alicia Perkins.
  • How to give an interview that lands you the job, even if you're struggling with confidence by Jess Guzik.
  • How to Find New Opportunities with LinkedIn by Stephen Lu.

Friday: Planning & Motivation

  • How to maintain the courage to leave and not let guilt or fear of starting over keep you in the position by Amy Conway-Hatcher.
  • Maintain your Emotional Fluency™ as you pivot into a new job or career by Keturah Rosato.
  • Don't let burnout sabotage your new career - before you decide to quit again by Duncan So.
  • How to stop doubting yourself, even after you’ve left a toxic job by Stephanie Chen Banjo.
  • Financial wellness preparation to leave a toxic job by Stephanie Kiesow
  • How to detach from the toxicity while you’re in it, not let it define you and maintain a positive presence as you move forward by Liz St. Jean

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

How will I access the bonuses?

You'll get direct links to access the speaker bonuses. You'll be registering through the speaker's website, but don't worry, it'll only take a minute or two!  All the bonuses will be available by January 17!

I have other questions!!

No problem! Send an email over to and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.