About the Speakers

Liz St. Jean, MA, CPC (she/her/elle)

Liz St. Jean is a leadership development coach for senior analysts, researchers, technical specialists and other subject matter experts. Her specialty is helping experts develop their authentic influence to have a powerful presence within their organizations. 

Her vision is that everyone should feel excited, motivated and proud of the work they do. Everyone deserves to have a meaningful career making impact on the world around them. She's all about helping you feel energized, motivated and confident showing up with a powerful presence, no matter what chaos swirls around you. 

Beatriz Albini-Ruiz
(She/Her/ Ella)

Beatriz is a certified leadership and career coach. She works with BIPOC and FirstGen in Tech helping them become visible and influential leaders. 

Besides her background in HR, Beatriz also shares her perspective as a bilingual and bi-cultural Latina, mompreneur, and founder of Prime You Coaching LLC.

Keturah Rosato, LSW

Keturah Rosato is an author, speaker, coach and the founder of Momentum Woman Collective. She is on a mission to impact the lives of 1M women one emotion at a time. She is passionate about helping women overcome the invisible barriers that keep them from unlocking their potential so that they can finally create a life by divine design that even their past successes can’t compare with. 

Esther Avant, CISSN

Esther Avant is a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), Nutrition Coach (PN 1&2), Personal Trainer ACE), and owner of EA Coaching. She has a degree in Exercise Science, 15 years of hands-on experience in the fitness/wellness industry, and specializes in helping hard-working women lose weight for the last time without sacrificing their health or quality of life.

Melody Wilding LMSW 

Melody Wilding is the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. Recently named one of Business Insider’s Most Innovative Coaches for her groundbreaking work on “Sensitive Strivers”, her clients include CEOs, C-level executives, and managers at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan, among others.

Melody has been featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Forbes. Melody is a licensed social worker with a masters from Columbia University and a professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College. Learn more at melodywilding.com.

Madeline Schwarz 

Madeline Schwarz is a Strategic Communication Advisor who helps quiet leaders speak up in a world of loud talkers and helps corporate teams articulate their vision in clear, concise messaging. Madeline has worked with clients at organizations such as Etsy, Mastercard, The Jewish Museum, Tommy Hilfiger, and JP Morgan. She weaves together process and play to make communication more simple and fun.

When she’s not coaching or facilitating workshops, you can find her playing legos with her 8-year old, roaming art museums, and community organizing around local schools.

Makeda Andrews

Makeda is a leadership and team-building coach who guides first-time managers to navigate the common challenges and pitfalls that can make or break the critical transition from individual contributor to team leader. She is an ardent believer that managers are the linchpin of the organization and have the power to change lives every day through their leadership and example.

With over 15 years of experience as a mentor, guide, manager and leadership coach, Makeda is now on a mission to help more new managers infuse their personal values, personality and vibe into their leadership style so that they can better lead their teams and produce outstanding results. 

Kayla Eggenberger

Kayla Eggenberger is a Life Coach and Decision-making Expert. For over a decade she’s been helping her clients change their mindset, take action and achieve their goals. She specializes in taking brilliant women from stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed to feeling brave, strong, and free as they experience the joy that comes from making powerful decisions and living their unique purpose.

Judy Hissong (she/her), PCC

Judy Hissong is the President of Nesso Strategies. A former law firm Chief Operating Officer, she helps firms become more profitable by coaching leaders in strategic and leadership development challenges. Her mission is “world domination for Good.” By creating actionable, lightbulb moments that leaders want to share and spread, she intends to improve the world one person at a time. When she’s not speaking, training and coaching, Judy teaches quarterly online workshops and facilitates Leaders Lab, a free monthly video conference that enables small groups of leaders to brainstorm strategies and solutions to work through common issues that keep you stuck.

Dr. Tega Edwin, LPC

Dr. Tega Edwin is an award-winning career development researcher, educator, and speaker. She’s the owner of Her Career Doctor where she helps women who are unhappy at work get clear about who they are so they can find a fulfilling career and job search with confidence. She also consults with corporations that want to leverage trauma-informed leadership to improve employee productivity, retention, and engagement. Dr. Edwin is a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and a certified salary negotiation facilitator. She has been able to use her training and 7+ years of experience to:
• Speak at national career development conferences
• Publish articles in national career development journals and magazines
• Develop her unique Flipped Triangle Model for Career Decision Making
• Live on purpose in a career path that she’s thrived in for over 7 years
Her mission is to help as many women as possible experience the joy, confidence, and satisfaction that comes with thriving in a fulfilling career and help more corporations create safe and healthy work cultures.

Dr. Sean St. Jean

Dr. Sean St. Jean is an assistant professor at King University in Tennessee and is their inaugural Director of MSW Field Education. Having cut his teeth in the field of child welfare, Sean now prepares graduate-level social workers to thrive in their clinical practice. His research focus is on vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout in early career helping professionals. Sean has a passion for "healing the healers". He provides counselling to first responders and other frontline workers for occupational stress and trauma at his private practice.

Jenny Ward

Jenny is a certified Career and Transition Coach, former corporate recruiter, and female empower-er helping corporate women finally live by design, not default.

Jenny spent 15-years in corporate recruitment seamlessly matching people and jobs, and now focuses on ensuring that women excel in all areas of their life by moving them out of reaction mode and into the driver’s seat. This includes enabling them to tell their personal and professional story to get the job they want and the money they deserve.

In her personal life, Jenny is a mom to toddler, wife to a British ex-pat, and a former nomad with stints working in LA, San Diego, London, NYC, and New Jersey before coming home to Nova Scotia.

Her work and message have been shared on LinkedIn, as well as multiple podcasts.

Jacqueline Shaulis (she/her)

“The Excitable Introvert” Jacqueline Shaulis guides introverted women of color to get seen, heard, and respected by embracing their AWESOME! Her 30+ years of communication and personal leadership experience blossomed from a challenging upbringing into international speaker and 6-time global bestselling author. 

She's shared her “Embrace your AWESOME” message on stages in nearly 20 countries for Fortune 500 corporations, notable organizations, and educational institutions, and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Doctor Oz, The Washington Post, International Business Times, Romper, MarketWatch, and NerdWallet.

When not globetrotting with coffee in hand or loudly singing "tune-adjacent" at home, you can find Jacqueline getting lost in a good (audio)book or hugging her son, his nine cousins, and/or the nearest tree. You can connect with Jacqueline at http://www.iEmbraceAwesome.com and across the socialverse @JKShaulis.

Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP

Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP is a #1 Amazon bestselling author, highly sought-after speaker and wellness expert, and gratitude evangelist. Combining her career in Human Resources and Project Management, she served as the Chief of Staff for one of the top national security offices in the United States.

Holly is currently the President and CEO of Pink Fortitude, LLC, and founder of Fortitude Academy. As a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor, her passion is to help women view their chronic illness as a gift and unwrap resilience using a proven method to build fortitude with gratitude.

Tammy Dunnett

Tammy Dunnett is the founder of Relationship Revolution, where she is changing the way 'relationship’ is done, one conversation at a time.

As an ex-target of workplace bullying turned communication coach, Tammy knows interpersonal problems require interpersonal solutions.

Everyone deserves a psychologically safe workplace and Tammy's PAUSeD model of conflict engagement and resolution helps you to effectively and confidently handle difficult conversations while keeping your relationship intact.

Tammy has a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and impact Her unique method of moving through conflict towards connection draws on her own experience as a target, her studies on workplace bullying in her Master’s of Nursing, and her 5 years of teaching communication skills to nursing students. It is the blending of art, science, and curiosity that has led to her discovery of the PAUSeD model.

Tammy has a particular passion for helping women leaders who want more out of their careers and life to get out from under the effects of chronic conflict and bullying so they can reclaim their reputation, put their careers back on track, and get back to living a peaceful and productive life.

Stephen Lu 

Stephen is a Program Manager at Applied Materials, leading strategic initiatives for the Obsolescence Management Office. On the side, Stephen has been producing weekly career tip videos on LinkedIn since 2018. He utilized everything he shared to rebrand himself as a career coach and public speaker in 2020. Now in 2021, Stephen is hosting a weekly LinkedIn Livestream as part of his #52WeekChallenge. He and his guests discuss topics regarding career, personal, and professional development. 

Stacy Raye Kellogg (she / her)

Born and raised in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, I grew up with a love of lip sync dance parties, exploring nature, and studying people.

I've always been fascinated by human interactions and even at a young age, my late 91-year-old Grandpa told me I had a contagious enthusiasm (he’d call me a "spark plug").

I came into this world with a knack for understanding what lights people up and reflecting it back to them.
Professionally, in a variety of roles, I’ve worked with sexual assault survivors, prison inmates, individuals and families seeking affordable housing, people who were unemployed and under-employed, and even the author and icon Mama Gena.

The common thread between survivor advocacy, restorative justice, affordable housing, stable employment, and women’s empowerment is that while the people and circumstances and goals were different, I was always gently guiding people towards their own sense of personal fulfillment.

It turns out, I have always been a coach.

I've criss-crossed the United States a few times and am now living in Athens, Georgia, but I welcome coaching clients from all over the world.

Alicia Perkins 

I’m Alicia Perkins, the Career Strategist and an HR veteran with more than a decade of experience as an executive recruiter and hiring manager. Mid- to senior-level corporate professionals rely on me to teach them how to confidently “toot their own horns” without arrogance, stop settling for less and gain clarity on their career goals – all so they can land the lifestyle-changing job of their dreams. If you’re ready to unapologetically let employers know what you bring to the table and lean into your skills and talents, let's connect so I can show you how to step into a career that propels you into the lifestyle you want.

Duncan So  C.Ht, M.NLP, M.MER 

Duncan So, Founder & Executive Director at The Burnout Clinic. Duncan has been a child of corporate burnout that has led him professionally into the field of human flourishing for over a decade working on systemic social change projects. He’s a social entrepreneur and change agent, on a mission to create more passionate world-building systems and programs for companies and communities on the path of making social good.

Board Certified with the Association of Integrative Psychology. A Master Practitioner in Mental Emotional Release, NLP and Hypnosis.

At the Burnout Clinic, we help workplace leaders develop and integrate burnout recovery programs within their organization. Our flagship 2-day burnout retreats stop the cycle of high anxiety, fatigue, creative slumps, and burnout, and rapidly returns leaders back happy, productive and creatively engaged at work.

Janine Esbrand 

Janine Esbrand is an executive coach, career strategist, TEDx speaker, and former lawyer.

She hosts a top rated podcast called The Career Change Maker Podcast and speaks regularly on the topic of career change, advancement and development for women.

When she is not working, she can be found creating memories with her husband and two young children (4 and 6). 

Lissa Appiah

Lissa is a Certified Career & Resume Strategist and the Founder of WeApply Canada. She specializes in helping help talented introverts increase their marketability and visibility to get promoted at work - while staying true to themselves. She does this through 1:1 and group career coaching and workshop facilitation.

With 10+ years of experience in the public service, Lissa now helps others with their next career move. Lissa has helped hundreds of people land interviews and secure employment with multiple Fortune 500 companies and various levels of government.

Lissa has a Master’s in Public Administration from Carleton University and a Bachelor’s in Public Administration and Sociology from the University of Ottawa.

Stacy Mayer

Stacy Mayer is a Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by getting 1000 powerhouse corporate women promoted into senior executive positions each year worldwide.

She is the creator of Executive Ahead of Time™, a program she founded to help women get promoted into the executive suite on their terms. And the host of the “Maximize Your Career with Stacy Mayer” podcast that tackles topics like executive communication, getting more respect in the workplace from challenging bosses and team members, and avoiding the common mistakes that sabotage career advancement.

Charlotte Nicholson ACC, ELI-MP

Charlotte is a success coach for global executives; supporting organisations that are undergoing rapid change and those leaders who may feel they are underperforming or have recently moved to more senior or challenging roles.

Her strategy is to help people and teams firstly identify and then clear their personal roadblocks to success, improving focus and developing new leadership skills. Her background in Human Resources and as a Recruiter gives her a practical understanding of and empathy for the challenges that both organisations and their leaders face.  

Charlotte is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter and workshop facilitator. She has been ranked as a number 1 coach by Influencer Digest and recent assignments include at Amgen, Shell, Thermo Fisher and Bosch. 

Her coaching style seeks to increase her clients’ awareness of what is possible, with the aim of uncovering fresh perspectives and opportunities and helping to formulate action steps to achieve success.

Charlotte has a BSc(hons) and is an ICF certified IPEC coach, Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Core Energy coach.

Stephanie Chen Banjo 

Stephanie is a leadership and career ninja. Or, more technically speaking, she helps you clean up your negative self-talk, find your unique strengths, and develop them, so you can catapult into your next leadership opportunity.

She believes that career progression doesn't have to come at the cost of your well-being and coaches lawyers, consultants, tech SMEs, and finance professionals into becoming the type of people who can create a fulfilling career, while having a balanced life they can actually enjoy.

She's a certified ICF coach with a track record of helping high-achieving, mid-career professionals level up into influential, trusted, and high impact leaders. She's a leadership geek to the core, an apprentice mother, has just moved back to the D.C. area after 7 years abroad, and is married to her best friend and business partner. 

Valerie Rivera 

Valerie Rivera is on a mission to help organizations create workplace cultures where people thrive. She incorporates best practices in organizational behavior and design thinking for change that sticks, and partners with clients to develop practical strategies tailored to their needs.

Before entering the world of consulting, Valerie served in the United States Air Force. She holds a BS in Diplomacy and Military Studies from Hawaii Pacific University and an MBA from Stanford University.

Jessica Guzik (she/her)

Jessica is a career coach who helps ambitious female professionals grow their confidence, find their voice at work, and rise up in their organizations.  She is the host and creator of the top 100 careers podcast, The Art of Speaking Up, a show that helps women tap into their limitless potential so they can thrive professionally.  

Jess holds a JD from Columbia University and has prior experience as a strategist at top companies like McKinsey and The Walt Disney Company.  She is obsessed with all things female empowerment, mindset, and self-confidence.

Steph Kiesow

Hello everyone! I am Stephanie and live in sunny Central CA. I am a financial coach as well as a mom of a 5-year-old (with one on the way), a military and first responder wife, and mom to lots of animal kids - horse, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and chickens! I help people develop a personalized financial plan via Zoom. 

Why is this work important to me? Both my BA and MA are in psychology and I have studied and researched many relevant topics professionally and educationally. I really feel strongly (and research has shown) that financial stressors can contribute to a decline in mental health and even suicide ideologies. I want people to live their best lives so I passionately work with individuals and couples where they are...whether that is to get out of debt, save money, estate planning, or build wealth. A financial plan is essential to build wealth, experience job satisfaction, and flourish as the person you were destined to be!

Tanya Jaklis

Tanya Jaklis is a Life & Leadership Coach. She coaches women at a crossroads who have been sacrificing themselves for someday, and no longer want to be on a roller coaster of stress and overwhelm.

Using the proven Energy Leadership Coaching framework, Tanya supports her clients to make the next choice from a place of calm so they lead from a place of presence and create a life that energizes and inspires them. She supports her amazing clients as they prioritize their well-being and lead authentically. Tanya is a mama to two girls, loves yoga, dancing, and traveling.

Tanya became a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2020, and has been passionately helping leaders and organizations create environments where everyone thrives. She also holds the Associate Certified Coach Credential from the International Coaching Federation. Tanya believes that everyone has a right to joy, starting today

Alison Forrest

I’m a certified Executive Coach, specialising in partnering with emerging female leaders to help them lead with confidence, influence, and impact. After 17 years in banking & finance I was drawn to the opportunities that coaching presented women: to empower them to become the leader they always dreamed they had, whilst at the same time achieving balance, purpose, and happiness in their lives. And I want this for you too!

Amy Conway-Hatcher

Amy Conway-Hatcher is a fierce advocate, lawyer, warrior career mom, and former federal prosecutor. After decades of managing 24/7 crises, climbing to the upper echelons of Big Law, and sacrificing family for career, Amy did the unthinkable. She left her high-paying equity partner job and an unsustainable climb...to reclaim her life. 

Amy wrote Infinitely More to shine a spotlight on systemic workplace inequities that hold women back. Through witty and darkly humorous story-telling, Amy challenges leaders to take bolder actions to fix uneven playing fields, while advocating for women to stand firmly in control of their careers.  

Today, a partner in a boutique law firm specializing in complex legal problems, Conway-Hatcher thrives as an advocate, author, speaker, and mom of teens. 

Scott Caspell

Scott is a passionate educator and coach with twenty years of experience in the personal growth and leadership development fields.

Through 1:1 coaching and facilitated experiences, Scott supports people in developing the clarity, mindset and skills to embody the best version of themselves. He guides people to connect with and live in alignment with their authenticity so they can create a life of joy, connection, and deep fulfillment

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