Career Breakthrough Bootcamp


Thank you so much for being part of the Career Breakthrough Summit!!

I'm so excited you're interested in winning the grand prize scholarship to my signature program, the Career Breakthrough Bootcamp!!!

This scholarship is for the January 2021 round of Bootcamp, which is an 8 week program from January 23rd to March 20th.

Please use the form below to fill out a ballot entry for the Scholarship. The contest is open until Thursday Nov 19 at 11:59 pm EST.  I'll draw one name at random on Friday Nov 20 from the entries!  See full rules here.

It's a random lottery because I'm not looking to decide who's the most "deserving" - I'm simply using this as a way to make sure that the scholarship is going to someone who's truly going to put the program to use. 

Best of luck!!! 

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