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Speaker Panel

What I wish I'd known about working in a toxic job

- Day 1 -

Will you stay or will you go? And what will you do next?

Valerie Rivera // Culture + Connection Catalyst

Escape through change: How can you shift the toxic environment when you're not the one in charge

Jenny Ward // Career & Transition Coach

7 Telltale Signs You're In A Toxic Job & What To Do About It

Makeda Andrews // Coach

Is Management Right For You?

How to know if you're not cut out for management or if you need to cut yourself some slack.

Judy Hissong // Coach


Defining Culture. How to identify what is a toxic and what is a normal work environment in a law firm.

Tanya Jaklis, ACC //  Life & Leadership Coach 

Power to Change: How to plan your future best case scenario

Melody Wilding, LMSW // Executive Coach & Author of TRUST YOURSELF

How to trust your decision to leave and overcome imposter syndrome to move ahead confidently

Kayla Eggenberger // Life Coach

5 decision-making mistakes keeping you stuck in a toxic job

Liz St. Jean // Leadership & Life Coach

The 5 fundamental choices for dealing with a toxic boss.

- Day 2 - 


Keep your mind, body and soul healthy as you work on your exit plan.

Esther Avant, CISSN // Sports Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach

How to set and keep realistic habits around food, sleep and exercise while you're working in a toxic environment.

Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP // Gratitude Coach

Easy ways to manifest gratitude at work
(even if you hate your job)

Stacy Raye Kellogg (she / her) // Certified Life and Leadership Coach

Setting Boundaries:
Say NO so you can say YES to yourself

Alison Forrest // Coach

Overcoming Fraudy Feelings: How to stop questioning your capabilities, and know, value and honour your self-worth in a difficult work environment

Jacqueline Shaulis (she/her) // The Excitable Introvert

From Introvert to Influential: Leveraging your introversion to get seen, heard, and respected

Dr. Sean St. Jean // Professor and Therapist

The Hidden Trauma of Workplace Triggers and Four Secrets to Find Healing.

Centering Exercise
With Scott Caspell

Could you use support gaining clarity, navigating challenging situations, and making decisions that are aligned with our core values?

Developing the ability to get centered may be the most significant step you can take in creating the life you really want.

Centering is the process of becoming aware of what is happening in the present moment in an open and non-reactive way.

Join us for this centering activity to practice developing a calm, peaceful mind.

- Day 3 - 


Reconnect and make new connections so you can open yourself to opportunities.

Charlotte Nicholson // ACC, ELI-MP

How to build connection when you're in a toxic environment living far from family.

Jacqueline Helfer // Technical Recruiter - DEI

Leslie Lindauer  // Talent Acquisition Manager

How to be talent spotted - what you need to know about working with a recruiter when you're in a toxic job.