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Day 1: Decisions 

Melody Wilding

How to trust your decision to leave and overcome imposter syndrome to move ahead confidently

Jenny Ward

7 Telltale Signs You're In A Toxic Job & What To Do About It

Val Rivera

Escape through change: How can you shift the toxic environment when you're not the one in charge

Tanya Jaklis

Power to Change: How to plan your future best case scenario

Day 2: Self-Care

Stacy Raye Kellogg

Setting Boundaries: Say NO so you can say YES to yourself

Holly Bertone

Easy ways to manifest gratitude at work (even if you hate your job)

Sean St. Jean

The Hidden Trauma of Workplace Triggers and Four Secrets to Find Healing.

Alison Forrest

Overcoming Fraudy Feelings:

How to stop questioning your capabilities, and know, value and honour your self-worth in a difficult work environment

Day 3: Connection

Charlotte Nicholson

How to build connection when you're in a toxic environment living far from family

Stacy Mayer

How to network within your current organization, without looking unprofessional or throwing your boss under the bus.

Tammy Dunnet

 Five steps to remain productive, professional, and even collaborative in difficult work relationships.

Day 4: Job Search Tools

Janine Esbrand

How to be the CEO of your career and land an ideal role

Dr. Tega Edwin

How to exit a toxic work environment and find a fulfilling career

Alicia Perkins

How to handle job applications and interviews when you’re burnt out 

Stephen Lu

How to Find New Opportunities with LinkedIn (without your boss finding out)

Beatriz Albini-Ruiz

How to Find New Opportunities with LinkedIn (without your boss finding out)

Day 5: Motivation & Planning

Keturah Rosato

Maintain your Emotional Fluency™ as you pivot into a new job or career

Amy Conway-Hatcher

How to exit a toxic work environment and find a fulfilling career

Duncan So

Transcending Burnout - How to Navigate Your Resignation to Recovery.

Stephanie Chen Banjo

How to stop doubting yourself, even after you’ve left a toxic job.

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