I hope you're as excited as I am, because this is going to be the most amazing event. 

Presentations will go live at 8 am ET and be available for 24 hours. The times listed below are when the speakers will be live in the Facebook group to answer your questions.

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Monday January 3 to Sunday January 16

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Sunday January 16

8 pm ET Summit KickOff Call

8:30 pm ET Pre-Summit Coaching & Connection Call

>> Get pre-summit coaching to bolster your confidence & resolve to change your situation.

>> Connect with like-minded professionals to start new friendships and gain a support network. 

>> Build your network through authentic and meaningful connection. 

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Speaker Panel

What I wish I'd known about working in a toxic job

Monday Jan 17: Decisions

Will you stay or will you go? And what will you do next?

Valerie Rivera // Culture + Connection Catalyst

Escape through change: How can you shift the toxic environment when you're not the one in charge

Jenny Ward // Career & Transition Coach

7 Telltale Signs You're In A Toxic Job & What To Do About It

Makeda Andrews // Coach

Is Management Right For You?

How to know if you're not cut out for management or if you need to cut yourself some slack.

Judy Hissong // Coach


Defining Culture. How to identify what is a toxic and what is a normal work environment in a law firm.

Tanya Jaklis, ACC //  Life & Leadership Coach 

Power to Change: How to plan your future best case scenario

Melody Wilding, LMSW // Executive Coach & Author of TRUST YOURSELF

How to trust your decision to leave and overcome imposter syndrome to move ahead confidently

Kayla Eggenberger // Life Coach

5 decision-making mistakes keeping you stuck in a toxic job

Liz St. Jean // Leadership & Life Coach

The 5 fundamental choices for dealing with a toxic boss.

4 pm ET

4 pm ET - Courage to change: Daily Connection & Mindset Coaching Call

Join for your daily mindset coaching with a certified leadership & career coach, Liz St. Jean. Check in for confidence, accountability and support to upgrade your career. Build your personal support network with like-minded attendees.

Available with the Ultimate Escape Pack.

Tuesday Jan 18: Self-Care

Keep your mind, body and soul healthy as you work on your exit plan.

Esther Avant, CISSN // Sports Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach

How to set and keep realistic habits around food, sleep and exercise while you're working in a toxic environment.