Throughout the summit, use your BINGO card to keep track of how you engage with the event. 

Each day of the summit, Oct 10-12, I'll post in the Facebook group with that day's prize options and invite you to post a picture or screenshot of your BINGO card to win. I'll randomly choose one person to win each prize.


Click here to download your BINGO card.


Can I win multiple prizes?

You can win one per day, so yes!


Will you verify when someone says they have BINGO?

I sure will! I'll ask questions about each of the relevant squares to ensure that only those being honest win a prize.

What prizes are up for grabs?

Each day you'll have the chance to win a Summit Swag Box or other swag including a customized journal, pen and water tumbler.

Shipping is free for US addresses and $32 for non-US addresses.

Do I have to have the All-Access VIP Pass to win?

The All-Access VIP Pass makes it easier to win, but you can  certainly win without it!


Should I enter every time I get BINGO?

Absolutely! Every time you get BINGO, I'll add another ballot in your name. 


I don't have a printer!

No worries!! You can take a screenshot with your phone and use the paint to mark off squares.


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