7 | Impostor Syndrome: What it is and how to start overcoming it 

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On this episode of the UnRuley Leadership Podcast, I tackle one psychological phenomenon that holds many of us back in the workplace - that’s right, imposter syndrome!

I suffered from imposter syndrome myself long before I had ever heard of the term and I want to help you get over your imposter syndrome so that you can embrace your strengths and have the career that you want.

In this episode, I outline three tips to challenge your imposter syndrome. You’ll learn how to objectively assess your strengths and how to move past that feeling of blind panic when someone puts you on the spot in a meeting. I also share techniques that I teach my clients about how and when to use positive affirmations.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with a friend who needs to shake off their imposter syndrome to embrace their full potential.


[0:10] Today we’re tackling a big career block - Imposter syndrome!

[2:44] Why I care about imposter syndrome

[3:55] My definition of imposter syndrome and how to spot it in yourself

[6:07] What psychologists call imposter syndrome and the typical profile of a person with imposter syndrome

[7:33] Secure - but with imposter syndrome? It’s down to our core beliefs

[8:53] Our sneaky thoughts are the real problem

[10:18] The problem comes when the sneaky thoughts become a core belief

[11:20] Where I see imposter syndrome in my clients

[12:54] How I tackle imposter syndrome in my Powerful Presence coaching programme

[13:58] When your workplace leadership team doesn’t look like you

[15:06] The explicit messages in workplaces that tell you that you don’t belong

[17:25] You can overcome your imposter syndrome! Tip #1: Focus on your strengths

[18:31] How you can find your own strengths

[20:14] Tip #2: Get curious and engage your executive brain

[22:43] How to unfreeze in a stressful moment

[24:35] Tip #3: Write a message to yourself to override the imposter thoughts

[27:05] Know how to time your affirmations

[28:02] What my clients do give themselves a boost in a difficult meeting

[29:00] Recap: Your ‘Tackling Imposter Syndrome’ to-do list!

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