65 | How to Give (and Receive) Feedback that Feels Good. A conversation with Petra Vega, Liberatory Leadership Coach.

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Today's episode is an EPIC conversation with Petra Vega, Liberatory Leadership Coach. 

She shares her insights around giving and receiving feedback that feels good. She emphasizes the need for trauma-informed and generative approaches.

We talk extensively about "feedback fuckery", such as commenting on someone's facial expressions or making personal attacks, and highlights the importance of consent and trust in feedback conversations. 

We also talked about the power dynamics involved in giving feedback and the need to consider individual preferences and goals. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Feedback should be trauma-informed and generative, focusing on growth and empowerment.
  • Examples of feedback fuckery include commenting on personal attributes and making personal attacks.
  • Consent, trust, and individual preferences are crucial in feedback conversations.
  • Power dynamics and goals should be considered when giving feedback.

Check out the episode and then let me know, what was the most impactful part of Petra's message?


Resources mentioned in the show

  • Feel Good Feedback Guide: Practical tips and strategies for giving feedback in a more effective and empowering manner. 
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