39 | Afraid of what people will think of you?

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Well, hey there friend.

I have a  new episode out this week ... and it's all about breaking a rule. We're going to be talking about how to break the rule "Don't worry what other people think."

Because here's the thing.

I sent an email last weekend, and I had a LOT of mind drama about what people might think about me and that email.

If I know one thing about highly sensitive professionals, we end up spending a LOT of mental energy worrying about what other people think. So we're usually given the advice (or we give ourselves the advice) "Just don't worry what other people think."

As if it was just that simple.

I mean, that would be nice, wouldn't it? If we had the magic wand or the snap of the fingers, and we could just not worry about what other people think.

But it's not that simple, and I thought this would be a great learning opportunity to share one way that I've found really helps me when I need to take action that scares me and makes me feel vulnerable.

I'm going to give you a different way of looking at it and a different suggestion on how to deal with it when we worry about what other people think.

So with that,  let's get to the episode and break some rules  🌟

xo Liz

PS  This week's podcast episode  will be a good one for anyone who's about to head into a weekend of family drama.

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