36 | How to be a powerful leader without sacrificing your sensitivity

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Hi friend! 

I'm excited to present you with today's episode. I brought a guest onto the podcast to talk about an important topic: maintaining your sensitivity as a leader, especially when you are strong and ambitious.

Our guest today is Julia Toothacre, named one of Yahoo Finance’s Top 10 Career Coaches to follow, she is a Career Coach + Strategist who equips ambitious professionals to strategize and take action to control and advance their career. With over 11 years of experience in career development, teaching, and coaching, Julia has helped thousands of professionals find clarity in their career path and supported them in their career exploration, management, or advancement.

In the conversation we go into a deep discussion around sensitivity when you're strong, and especially the professional "façade" that many people wear to work every day. We talk about the "social awareness" that costs mental energy to be aware of how others are perceiving you. And we talk about where gossip fits in, especially when it comes to our sense of belonging. 

So let's get to it!


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