35 | Neuroscience, Persuasive Storytelling & Communication Skills for Leaders – with Stephanie Paul

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Hey there!

This week on the podcast I have a special guest with me, Stephanie Paul, who's spending time with me to talk about the importance of communication and even more importantly, the value of storytelling and other tips on being memorable in your communication. Her coaching draws on brain science, and I know you'll appreciate that!

Storytelling is something we've touched on previous episodes, and I know that you are very much aware of it because it's talked about quite regularly. There are many conversations about the power of storytelling, because our human brains are wired for story.

You'll hear from Stephanie about why it is that case and how we can really use and leverage that for our leadership skills for leading ourselves for leading others.

So here we go with the episode, all about storytelling and communication.

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