28 | The simple technique to reduce overwhelm when applying for an opportunity

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If you listened to last week's episode, you'll remember that we are on season two of UnRuley Leadership. And season two is all about the sensitive professional. 

So whether you identify as introverted as an empath, as a highly sensitive person, an HSP - this season is for you.

And one tricky area that I see coming up a lot for sensitive professionals is that we can very easily get into our own heads about what other people think.

This creates a lot of overwhelm and one really specific area where I've worked with people on, is the process of applying for a position or a leadership development program.

It happens because you're essentially asking someone to judge whether or not to put you in that program, which in our mind then becomes this whole thing around judgment.

We worry about whether we are good enough. Whether the other person thinks we're good enough. What they'll think about as applying.

And we're especially trying to navigate the balancing act of putting ourselves out there, promoting ourselves without seeming like we're bragging or that we're not being humble enough.

I want to let you know, first of all, that, if you've experienced any of that, It's a perfectly natural. It's actually quite natural beyond folks who identify as highly sensitive, but especially if you're highly sensitive, this is so completely natural that this would be coming up for you.

So what I'm giving you in this week's episode is a super simple way to get out of your head and get to a place where it's really easy to prepare for interviews, prepare for applications to leadership programs or anything else really where you're having to put yourself out there.


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