21 | Understanding, appreciating and leveraging neurodiversity in leadership with Kricket Harrison (Part 1)

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This week is a very important topic and it's one that's near and dear to my heart. We're going to talk about neurodiversity and leadership.

It's something that I've been thinking a lot about, and I really wanted to have a nuanced conversation about it. So I reached out and brought on an expert to have this conversation with you. Kricket Harrison is going to help us to learn more about neurodiversity and leadership from multiple different perspectives.

The conversation was pretty wonderful and went longer than I usually do an episode, so I've broken it into two parts. Today we've got part one, where we talk about the terminology and context of neurodiversity and leadership as well as how leaders can support, mentor, encourage and coach neurodiverse folks.

Then come back on Thursday for Part 2, where we talk about who neurodiverse folks can be successful in leadership.

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