12 | Weight loss rules to ignore 

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If ever you felt like there are too many diet rules out there, you're going to enjoy this episode. Esther tells us about which rules we can ignore on our quest towards healthy living. She supports living a diet-free live and believes that there is nothing more powerful than living your healthiest, happiest & most confident life. 

Resources mentioned in the show 👇

Live Diet-Free podcast: www.estheravant.com/podcast
Website: www.estheravant.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/esther.avant
Free FB group: Live Diet-Free (www.facebook.com/groups/livedietfree)
Peloton Weight Loss Guide: www.estheravant.com/peloton-guide
Body Transformation Guide: www.estheravant.com/body-transformation-guide

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