10 | Peer Mentor Panel for the Powerful Presence Society 

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I invite three very special guests onto this week’s episode of the UnRuley Leadership Podcast to celebrate the start of the next round of the Powerful Presence Society! The Powerful Presence Society is my leadership mindset coaching program that gives you the tools you need to build confidence, find your unique strengths and to take the next step in your career. The doors are officially open on my site and you have until 27 April to sign up and book one of the 12 spots.

Today I talk with Powerful Presence Society alumni and peer mentors Lesley, Monique and Sheila about why they chose to join the Powerful Presence Society and what they learned about themselves. Each mentor took a lot from the programme and all have developed personally and professionally thanks to the effort that they put into participating. And if you join this round of the Powerful Presence Society, you could be lucky enough to have one of them as your personal mentor!

Link to the Powerful Presence Society

[0:14] Welcome to the show, mentors of the Powerful Presence Society!

[2:39] How to sign up for the Powerful Presence Society

[6:48] What prompted the mentors to join the Powerful Presence Society?

[11:55] The connection that members of the Powerful Presence Society felt and why it was better than looking for that connection in the workplace

[13:49] A safe space to be vulnerable

[17:16] The results that the peer mentors got from participating in the Powerful Presence Society

[21:36] How the programme explores different energy levels

[24:38] Learning to raise your hand at higher levels

[31:55] Opening up the programme to more diverse participants

[34:54] Members get lifetime access!

[35:37] “It’s 100% worth it”: Monique on why you should join the programme

[36:28] Lesley explains how participating in the programme has made her more attuned to her energy levels

[38:10] Sheila tells Liz why she chooses to keep coming back to the programme as a mentor

[40:30] The one-on-one matched mentoring program

Monique: “I feel more power in presenting who I am to the world and saying what I want out of this life. I am volunteering, I'm raising my hand a lot more and I’m working with people at much higher levels than I ever had before. That's my biggest takeaway”. (24:10 - 24:31)

Lesley: “I got the chance to participate in higher level meetings at work and learnt to see how C-suite members operate in the very stressful situations that I was struggling with and what do they do in those situations, and just having that exposure has meant a lot. I see their vulnerability, and it makes my vulnerability feel much more normal because of that exposure” (27:11 - 27:30)

Sheila: “You're worth it, you're worth the investment, you're worth the time, you're worth taking that next step for personal and professional growth. Your career and your life are important, and you have an important voice to bring”. (38:18 - 38:35)

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