Join me Sept 11-14 for a free virtual event

Cultivate Your Confidence Week for Quietly Ambitious Professionals

How you can advance your career and show your true self as a leader,
without waking up with 3 am night sweats, joining the Old Boys Club or compromising who you are.

Dear Quietly Ambitious Leader,

You secretly dream of rising into an executive-level role. 

But you can’t seem to  speak in rooms of leaders without feeling imposterish.

It’s been hard to get your leadership groove back and rediscover your voice after those recent confidence hits. 

Maybe you’ve had a situation like:

  • Working for a manager who gave you no feedback and left you feeling like you were walking on eggshells.
  • Told that you “weren’t ready” or it “wasn’t the right time” for a promotion because of a personal or family situation, like having a young child.
  • Ghosted by a company after giving solid performances in three rounds of interviews, leaving you unsure about what went wrong. 
  • Working in a culture where nothing was good enough and no success was celebrated but picked apart.
  • A layoff that left you shaken and soul-searching about whether you have what it takes to lead.

Intellectually, you know that you should be kinder to yourself. You know that going through a confidence hit leaves its mark and takes time to recover. (At least that’s what you’d tell a friend in the same situation.)

But you see how some leaders radiate confidence and you wish you could too. 

It would certainly help you advance your career. 

You know that there has to be a way to rise into leadership while staying true to yourself.

To advance your career amongst a sea of aggressive extroverts. 

To be seen as someone who has what it takes without….

  • waking up with 3 am night sweats.

  • rehashing past mistakes.

  • compromising who you are.

You want to feel good about your leadership skills and what you bring to the table. 

You want to feel confident expressing your ideas and influencing others. 

You want to be respected and make a positive impact in your organization.

You want your leadership strengths to shine.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Liz.

I'm a leadership & career advancement coach for quietly ambitious professionals who dream of rising to an executive level role.

I get it. 

I’ve been there. 

I came blazing out of high school and university and entered the work world with big plans. 

I quickly learned that there was so much more to success than being a high achiever. 

I still remember the day I walked slowly back to my computer after struggling to connect with one of my colleagues who just didn’t seem to care about my opinion. 

I sat there, staring at my ever-growing inbox, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. 

I spent hours overthinking what I was doing and what people thought about me. 

Turns out, I wasn't doing anything "wrong".

Over the years, I’ve learned that historically, society has prioritized loud & flashy leadership styles. This this leaves us feeling torn.

On the one hand, we want to be seen as an influential leader. We want to be respected. We want to get promoted.

But on the other hand, we don’t want to wave our arms around shouting “look at me”. We don't want to feel braggy just to get noticed. We don’t want to change who we are.

It leaves us wondering, how can I feel confident as a leader, while staying true to myself? 

This is why I became so passionate about helping people rediscover their confidence and get promoted into leadership positions.

I do it by helping you follow the quietly ambitious path. And by tapping into your natural leadership style. 

My vision is that everyone should feel excited, motivated and proud of the work they do.

That includes you.

You have a unique voice that’s meant to be heard in the rooms where decisions are made. 

We need your voice and your ideas.

We need your presence.

I’m all about helping you feel energized, motivated and confident showing up powerfully, no matter what chaos swirls around you. 

The event was created to help you embody that.

My dream is for you to feel:

* confident ** energized ** joyful *

This event is for quietly ambitious professionals.

There are a lot of trainings & conferences out there for professionals who want to advance their careers. So what makes this different?

First, this is an event designed for mid-level and mid-career professionals looking to rise in their 9 to 5.

Most conferences are focused on either entry-level (getting your start) or executive level (leading an organization).

We’ll be focused on YOU, the person who’s mid-way on the advancement journey.

Second, it’s specifically designed for quietly ambitious professionals.

We’re not going to share strategies like “toughen up” or “smile more.” 

We want you to stay true to yourself and feel good at the end of the day that you didn’t compromise your values or your personality. 

Ultimately this entire event was designed to help you, the quietly ambitious professional who’s poised to rise.

The 5-Step Roadmap for Cultivate Your Confidence Week

Here's our plan to get you feeling confident speaking up at your next meeting with senior leadership, throwing your hat in the ring for a promotion, and other situations that feel way outside your comfort zone.

The Details


The event runs from Sept 11 to 14. Worksheets and pre-recorded videos will release each day and will be freely available for replay until September 17. 

Save the date!
On Thursday Sept 14, we’ll close the event with a live webinar at 8pm ET 
(7 pm CT | 5 pm PT | 10 am + 1 (Friday) AET | 12 noon + 1 (Friday) NZST).


As a virtual event, you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home or out on the go. Whether lounging in your living room or catching the videos while your kids are at hockey practice, it's designed to fit any lifestyle.


When you register, you get immediate access to the first worksheet, as well as a 20 minute video about imposter syndrome. Then starting Sept 11, each day you'll get a 10-15 minute video and worksheet for that day's activity. 

You can get everything done in less than an hour a day, making it easy to take action even on a busy schedule.


This is an event for quietly ambitious professionals. You'll have access to a private Facebook community to meet & mingle in a unique community of like-minded souls.

how much

The main ticket is free. After you register, you'll have the option to purchase an upgraded ticket (starting from $50) to get live coaching calls, ongoing access to videos, and bonus resources.

what else

During the event, you'll hear about my RISE Leadership Bootcamp. You'll have several opportunities to apply to win a full scholarship to the program. 

Positive Vibes from past participants

“It’s given me a better perspective of my triggers and what to do. It was great information, well presented, and 100% actionable. Thank you!


I appreciate the community and interactions. It offers me a moment to reflect and plan on how to develop myself, and how I want to develop myself.

Thanks for doing this each year, and making it accessible to diverse individuals.


I’m pushing forward being “brave” which is my song prior to a teaching.


Join me for Cultivate Your Confidence Week.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you at the event. 

I believe in you. 

This is your time to shine.

Your ticket's here