If you're excited for the Imposter Cleanse, you'll love the VIP Pass.

It takes things next level so you can enhance your confidence & seize new opportunities even more quickly. 

The upgrade will give you:

  • Live Q+A
  • A private podcast feed
  • Lifetime access to the replays 
  • BONUS implementation day 

It's all designed to help you feel more naturally confident as you rise in your 9 to 5.  

Feel Confident As You Upgrade Your Career

  • Feel more natural asserting yourself.
  • Get new opportunities & promotions.
  • Be a role model for other  sensitive high performers.

Have the courage to speak up

Sleep well at night, knowing that you shared your ideas and spoke up for opportunities. This will also give you 

momentum for your next career move because you'll have the courage to speak up.

Enjoy the process of rising into leadership

Get extra support to make rising into leadership feel less like a scary Halloween ride and more like a joyful adventure.

Feel motivated to seek out new opportunities & promotions

Feel confident knowing you have the tools to be ready for the next stage on your career path.

Grow your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome

Enhance your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome, so that you can move forward into the next season of your career.

Get extra support & community as you level up to being a confident leader.

I know what it's like to try to fit in professional development alongside a busy (and unpredictable) work schedule, never mind the responsibilities at home.

Plus you'll likely want to refer back to the material whenever you want a confidence boost. That's where the VIP Upgrade Pass comes in.

Move forward in your career while remaining authentic to your sensitive self who has huge goals in life.


With the All-Access VIP Pass you can...

  • Watch (and re-watch) at your convenience with lifetime access to the videos.
  • Listen to the sessions on the go with a private podcast feed.
  • Experience encouragement & inspiration with a bonus implementation day.
  • Get extra support on overcoming impostor syndrome with Q&A office hours.

Here's what you get in the all-access VIP pass:

Video Replays

Lifetime access to all videos, so you can re-watch them at your leisure.

This means you can go through the cleanse any time you'd like - right before a big meeting, job interview or any other situation where you want a confidence boost.

Value: $149

Live Q+A Office Hours

Going through a training is great, but sometimes you want personalized attention with your questions in a more intimate environment.

With the upgrade, you get access to exclusive Q+A office hours during the event for extra support to enhance your professional confidence.

Value: $259

Private Podcast Feed

Do you prefer to listen to audio while on the go? You'll get access to an exclusive private podcast feed to listen to the training wherever you are.

Whether you're on a commute to work or taking a walk in the forest, you can put in your headphones and feel inspired. 

Value: $59

Bonus VIP day with leadership coaching

If you've ever been curious about working with a leadership coach, here's your chance! You'll get extended support for implementation with group calls. Attend any of the live VIP Zoom calls hosted on January 15 at 10 am ET, 1 pm ET, and 8 pm ET.

This is a guided group coaching conversation, meaning you can choose to participate by speaking or by listening. We create a warm, nurturing environment to reflect and discuss your leadership and career questions.

Can't make the calls live? No problem! You'll have lifetime access to the recordings. And when you're open to change, you can get just as much out of watching coaching replays.

Value: $349

That's over $800 worth of support designed to help you grow in your career.

The value of the All-Access Pass is amazing - $800+ worth of content to get motivated & confidently advocate for yourself so you can rise into the next level leadership role.

And you can get it all for just $37.


Liz shared tools that gave me confidence & landed my Director level role!

I was having the hardest time breaking the glass ceiling and moving from middle management into a leadership role. I felt hopeless and tried a number of things but nothing seemed to work.

I tapped into my networks, I read books, I hired a life coach, I hired a resume writer, I worked with my mentors and sponsors.

Nothing was helping.

Liz helped me realize that part of my struggle was not related to me personally but to the broken system I was trying to navigate.

Liz also gave me very specific to-do’s and provided great resources to help prepare for leadership interviews and network at an upcoming conference. I felt much more confident in my approach and 100% prepared for my interviews.

This empowered me and gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks to this I landed my director level role!

How is it going today? It feels awesome to have a seat at the table and have my ideas valued.


I'm a better manager

I was having imposter syndrome from a lack of confidence in my skillset, presentation, and ability to communicate with people at higher levels.

It felt exhausting and impossible to overcome.

I enjoyed the group approach coaching - we each did individual work and also brought our own experiences to the group.

I now feel much less anxiety and more comfort in my role and what I bring to the table.

I know that I am good at what I do and that I bring a lot to the table, which has made me a better manager.

Ellen L.

A session with Liz gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week

I was struggling with finding my voice in conversations at work when I wished to voice a differing opinion or disagreement with a large group or someone at a higher level than me.

It was fun to work with Liz because I was able to take an hour, in the middle of a stressful time, to delve deep into what I am struggling with at work and what is in my control to change.

After the session, I realized that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to say the exact right thing, and I'm silencing myself before I get to even try to speak out. I'm now more aware of my inner critic at these times of low confidence in conversation.

I now have the tools to ask questions and offer ideas without feeling self-conscious. Instead, I feel confident that I am doing my best to improve my work and my team's work.

Liz is masterful at getting me to think out loud to realize that a solution was in me all along! She helps me see the internal forces that are holding me back, and she poses different tools and exercises to help me more aware of these at the moment and work to counter the negative thoughts and feelings in the longer term.

I always feel more confident after a session with Liz. I feel it gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week, as I am more actively reflecting and putting tactics we discussed in motion.


What's included in the VIP Upgrade?

You'll get lifetime access to the video replays, a private podcast feed, live Q+A office hours inside Slack, and a BONUS VIP implementation day on January 15 with live Zoom calls.

How will the office hours work?

Office hours will be inside a private Slack group, where VIP pass holders can post their questions in text or audio throughout the day. I'll have set office hours each day when I'll go in and answer the questions.

Are the office hours on Zoom?

Office hours from Jan 12-14 are set times when I'll answer questions in the Slack community to post my answers to the questions. Then on January 15, we'll have an implementation day when you can choose any of the live Zoom calls.

What's the guarantee?

Love the content or ask for a refund. You have 14 days from the PURCHASE of the upgrade to request a full refund. If you decide it wasn't worth it - email us and we'll refund, no questions asked.

Is it possible to get personal coaching from you?

It sure is! After you purchase the upgrade, you'll have an option to add on private audio/text coaching for personal support during the event. Note that spots are limited to 20 clients.

I have other questions!

No problem! Send an email over to hello@themintambition.com and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

All-access vip pass


  • Private podcast feed to listen to the sessions on the go.
  • Live Q+A office hours during the event.
  • Lifetime access to all presentations.
  • BONUS implementation day with live coaching.
  • Total value over $800.