Throughout the Cleanse, use your BINGO card to keep track of how you engage with the event. 

To be entered to win a prize, all you have to do is participate in the BINGO game, so make sure you pick up your card here.

Every time you cross off a line (horizonal, vertical or diagonal), post a snapshot (or screenshot) of your BINGO card in the Facebook BINGO thread.

You'll get one entry into the prize draw for every pic you post!

Then during our live bonus call on Saturday, I'll randomly choose one person to win each prize 🥰

And if you don't want to post on Facebook but still want to participate, just send me a photo or screenshot of your card every time you get BINGO!


Click here to download your BINGO card.


Can I win multiple prizes?

You get an entry for every line you create, so yes!


Will you verify when someone says they have BINGO?

I sure will! I'll ask questions about each of the relevant squares to ensure that only those being honest win a prize.

What prizes are up for grabs?

There are 3 prizes up for grabs: 

  • Personalized pick leadership book (I’ll choose specifically for you & your situation)
  •  $25 Amazon gift card
  • One-on-one coaching call (Grand prize value $149)

Do I have to have the VIP Pass to win?

The VIP Pass  makes it easier to win, but you can absolutely win without it.


Should I enter every time I get BINGO?

Absolutely! Every time you get BINGO, I'll add another ballot in your name. 


I don't have a printer!

No worries!! You can take a screenshot with your phone and use the paint to mark off squares.