The 3-Day Imposter Cleanse

Ditch Imposter Syndrome,
Radiate Confidence.

For sensitive high-performers ready to rise in their 9 to 5. 

FREE Training | Jan 12 - Jan 14

Go from feeling like a fraud to radiating confidence.

You love contributing to a mission that’s bigger than yourself, and you know that there has to be a way to advance your career without feeling overwhelmed, waking up with 3 am night sweats or joining the Old Boys Club.  

Intellectually you know that you belong and are meant to do great things... now you need to believe it in your soul. 

It's time to:

Be heard amongst a sea of aggressive extroverts... without compromising who you are.

Be seen as a rising leader in your organization.

Be at peace & sleep better at night instead of worrying about minor (or non-existant) mistakes.

Be proud of serving as a role model to your kids and others in the generation behind you.

It's time to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about everything you said (or didn't say) in a work meeting that day.

Develop a confident leadership mindset at an event designed for sensitive high-performers 🥂

Over 3 days, we'll go through my signature imposter cleanse together to strengthen your professional confidence so you can radiate confidence. 

We're going to get you feeling:


Shift from feeling nervous & anxious about standing out to being more decisive and going after what you want with intention and conviction.


Feel confident & optimistic that you can make a difference and achieve tangible results by being taking on leadership positions.


Go from being your own worst critic to feeling confident in your ability to use your energy to help others grow.

This is your time to shine.


Hi, I’m Liz!

I'm a leadership & career development coach for sensitive high-performers who dream of rising in their 9 to 5. I specialize in helping introverts, quiet professionals, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and other empathetic souls feel confident and believe in themselves. Even when they work in tough, fast-paced or stressful work environments. 

My vision is that everyone should feel excited, motivated and proud of the work they do. Everyone deserves to have a meaningful career making an impact on the world around them. I also believe we need greater diversity in the rooms where decisions are being made.

We need your voice and your ideas.

We need your presence.

I’m all about helping you feel energized, motivated and confident showing up with a powerful presence, no matter what chaos swirls around you. During the event, we're going to help you get there. By the end of the cleanse, my dream is for you to feel:

* confident * energized * joyful *

Can't wait to see you there!



The event runs from Jan 12 to 14, with videos freely available for replay until January 16. You can also choose to upgrade your ticket for extended video access. 


As a virtual event, you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home or out on the go. Whether lounging in your living room or sneaking in the videos while your kids are at hockey practice, it's designed to fit any lifestyle.


Each day features a bite-sized training & a simple workbook to complete. You can get everything done in less than an hour a day, making it easy to take action even on a busy schedule.


This is an event for sensitive high-performers, and you'll have access to a private Facebook community to meet & mingle in a unique community of other sensitive souls.

what else

The main ticket is free, and after you register, you'll have the option to purchase an upgraded ticket (starting from $37) to get extended access to videos, a private podcast feed, live office hours and other exclusive bonuses.

This event is for sensitive high-performers who dream of rising in their 9 to 5.

There are a lot of trainings & conferences out there for professionals who want to advance their careers. So what makes this different?

First, this is an event designed for mid-level and mid-career professionals looking to rise in their 9 to 5.

Most conferences are focused on either entry-level (getting your start) or executive level (leading an organization).

We’ll be focused on YOU, the person who’s mid-way on the journey, supporting you to advance.

Second, it’s a career event specifically designed for sensitive high-performers.

We’re not going to share strategies like “just toughen up” or tell you to join the Old Boys' Club.

We want you to stay true to yourself and feel good at the end of the day that you didn’t compromise your values or burn out along the way. 

Ultimately this entire event was designed to help you, the sensitive high-performer who’s poised to rise.

The 4 Step Plan

Here's our four-step plan to get you feeling confident speaking up at your next meeting with senior leadership, raising your hand for a special opportunity and other situations that are outside your comfort zone.

Instant Access

Step #1: Get the Foundations & Set Your Intention for 2023

Immediately after you register, you'll get access to the first workshop to learn about imposter syndrome (and why it's not usually what's affecting you). You'll also identify how this workshop series will help you reach your career dream. 

January 12

Step #2: Map It Out & Find Your Courage Zone

On January 12, the live event officially begins! You'll start by completing a “zone mapping” exercise to identify situations that trigger imposterism.  I'll also help you choose a personal anthem that has you feeling courageous in even the most stressful situations.

January 13

Step #3: Identify Imposter Messages & Choose Your Powerful Thought

On our second day, you'll complete an exercise to identify what imposter messages affecting you. Too often we blame ourselves for any imposter feelings, when it's really a product of implicit and explicit external messaging.

I'll show you how to watch your own mind, so you can better understand what messages are giving you those imposter feelings. Then we'll do a second exercise to practice choosing a more powerful thought.

You'll discover what is the unique message that makes YOU feel strong & powerful regardless of the imposter messages you hear and see. 

January 14

Step #4: Design Your Leader Mindset

On our last day together, we'll review the four-quadrant model of good leadership. You'll identify how improved skills in the leadership skills quadrant will help you achieve your career dreams. We'll conclude with a final live training about the Energy Leadership™ framework to adopt a leader mindset & radiate confidence.

Positive Vibes

Here's what past clients have had to say 🙌

Liz shared tools that gave me confidence & landed my Director level role!

I was having the hardest time breaking the glass ceiling and moving from middle management into a leadership role. I felt hopeless and tried a number of things but nothing seemed to work.

I tapped into my networks, I read books, I hired a life coach, I hired a resume writer, I worked with my mentors and sponsors.

Nothing was helping.

Liz helped me realize that part of my struggle was not related to me personally but to the broken system I was trying to navigate.

Liz also gave me very specific to-do’s and provided great resources to help prepare for leadership interviews and network at an upcoming conference. I felt much more confident in my approach and 100% prepared for my interviews.

This empowered me and gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks to this I landed my director level role!

How is it going today? It feels awesome to have a seat at the table and have my ideas valued.


After just 1 hour, I felt less stress in the decision-making process.

I was struggling whether to leave my current job (where I'm very happy) for significantly higher pay and visibility. I was feeling dread and paralyzed by indecision with a pit in my stomach every time I thought about it. I talked to everyone I could think who might help me make the decision. Everyone's advice was conflicting and no one could help me make the decision. I heard "follow your gut" countless times, but even my gut was conflicted!

What I really appreciated was how Liz reframed the issue. Instead of simply fretting over the regret that I might feel from the "wrong" decision, she asked "which regrets are you willing to live with?" She helped me look at the issue with a new lens and ultimately, make a decision I can stand behind. It's been a 180. After just one hour together, I felt less stress in the decision-making process. I left the session with a clear framework, and I made a decision I am confident in.


I had my pick from a range of opportunities

I had secured a dream job in Washington DC but was aware that I had only a limited few years to establish myself in that job, consolidate my career and position myself to have opportunities in my field when I returned to my home country.

I struggled to balance my own career needs and long term goals with the day to day demands of the role, and needed help prioritizing my time.

I felt that I had too many things to do and not enough time. I also had a young family, so I needed to be super focused with the limited time that I had.

Liz helped me identify my strengths, helped me plan, and provided the external accountability & support I needed to stay focused on my goals.

Thanks to her support, when I returned to my home country, I had my pick from a range of opportunities.


Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter.

The moment I decided that I needed to work with a leadership coach, I was outside pacing and walking back and forth, almost out of breath from anxiety and stress. I realized how much the situation was having a psychological and physical effect on my person and knew I needed to get out of the situation.

Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter. It’s like yoga for the brain!

Now I’m feeling confident about my leadership, my boss has noticed and is expanding my role to take on more responsibilities!

Jackie H. HR Manager

I got the promotion!

I felt stuck in my career. I was doing the work of a position without the authority or the benefits, and I didn't believe that I had what it took to be officially in the position. I felt angry and frustrated.

The tools in Liz's course helped me to connect with myself, my purpose and my values. After finishing, I was not only clearer in where I wanted my career to go, but I was able to lead myself and set boundaries that led me to get the promotion.

I now feel empowered and capable to do the work. I learned that in order to be a successful leader I needed to be myself. I also feel happier as I balance my roles and help my team to do the same as we get the results.


I'm a better manager

I was having imposter syndrome from a lack of confidence in my skillset, presentation, and ability to communicate with people at higher levels.

It felt exhausting and impossible to overcome.

I enjoyed the group approach coaching - we each did individual work and also brought our own experiences to the group.

I now feel much less anxiety and more comfort in my role and what I bring to the table.

I know that I am good at what I do and that I bring a lot to the table, which has made me a better manager.



See the most asked questions

wHY WAS THIS DESIGNED for sensitive high performers?

There are a lot  of generic leadership conferences and resources for everyday professionals & leaders. This event was designed for people who resonate as more reserved, introverted, quiet, empathetic, or otherwise sensitive.  We sensitives face specific challenges in the workplace, especially when rising into leadership roles, and most leadership "advice" doesn't fit our personalities.

What if I'm not sure I'm sensitive?

The fact you read this far tells me that there is something about the term 'sensitive high performer' that resonated for you. ❤️

It may be a new term for you, so if you're not 100% sure, that's totally ok, and even expected! If you are intrigued by the theme or even just one presentation, I would highly encourage you to register - the ticket is completely free, so there's no risk! 

how much time will i need?

This cleanse was designed with the busy professional in mind. I know you don't have time to watch hours of video, so each training is 15-25 mins and the daily workbook takes about 10-15 mins to complete.

How long will the videos be available?

The trainings will be available until midnight Jan 16 ET.

However, you can also upgrade your ticket for $37 to $147 and get extended access to all videos plus other goodies with the all-access pass.

I'm not sure I can attend all sessions, should I still register?

Absolutely yes!  The videos are available for replay and the exercises are bite-sized to fit a busy schedule.

The main ticket is free, so there is no downside to registering :) 

Are the videos captioned?

Yes.  All videos have auto-generated captions.

I still have questions!

No problem! Send an email to summit@themintambition.com and we'll get back to you with an answer.


Grab your free ticket and be on your way to radiating confidence - in a way that’s natural, & feels good for a sensitive high performer.

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