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How It Works

The Career Assessment is a one-hour session for you to find clarity and actionable steps to get where you want to be without running yourself ragged.


Choose a date & time for the call that best works for your schedule.


Fill out the questions about your career situation. The more information you provide, the better as it helps make our 1-hour session laser focused. 


At the live session, we'll get you the clarity you need to feel confident moving up in your career. 


Get your session for $149 $89

Good Vibes From Past Clients

Liz shared tools that gave me confidence & landed my Director level role!

I was having the hardest time breaking the glass ceiling and moving from middle management into a leadership role. I felt hopeless and tried a number of things but nothing seemed to work.

I tapped into my networks, I read books, I hired a life coach, I hired a resume writer, I worked with my mentors and sponsors.

Nothing was helping. 

Liz helped me realize that part of my struggle was not related to me personally but to the broken system I was trying to navigate

Liz also gave me very specific to-do’s and provided great resources to help prepare for leadership interviews and network at an upcoming conference. I felt much more confident in my approach and 100% prepared for my interviews.

This empowered me and gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks to this I landed my director level role!

How is it going today? It feels awesome to have a seat at the table and have my ideas valued.


I'm a better manager

I was having imposter syndrome from a lack of confidence in my skillset, presentation, and ability to communicate with people at higher levels.

It felt exhausting and impossible to overcome.

I enjoyed the group approach coaching - we each did individual work and also brought our own experiences to the group.

I now feel much less anxiety and more comfort in my role and what I bring to the table.

I know that I am good at what I do and that I bring a lot to the table, which has made me a better manager. 


A session with Liz gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week

I was struggling with finding my voice in conversations at work when I wished to voice a differing opinion or disagreement with a large group or someone at a higher level than me.

It was fun to work with Liz because I was able to take an hour, in the middle of a stressful time, to delve deep into what I am struggling with at work and what is in my control to change.

After the session, I realized that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to say the exact right thing, and I'm silencing myself before I get to even try to speak out. I'm now more aware of my inner critic at these times of low confidence in conversation.

I now have the tools to ask questions and offer ideas without feeling self-conscious. Instead, I feel confident that I am doing my best to improve my work and my team's work.

Liz is masterful at getting me to think out loud to realize that a solution was in me all along! She helps me see the internal forces that are holding me back, and she poses different tools and exercises to help me more aware of these at the moment and work to counter the negative thoughts and feelings in the longer term.

I always feel more confident after a session with Liz. I feel it gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week, as I am more actively reflecting and putting tactics we discussed in motion.

Ellen L.