Whether you're feeling impostor syndrome while going for a promotion or you're feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and not enough support or appreciation from your boss, it's easy to slip into feeling unmotivated.  Some days you'd just prefer to hide under the bed than be an adult amiright?

That's exactly where coaching steps in.  

When you're ready to go from feeling overwhelmed & giving into impostor syndrome to feeling confident & trusting yourself more, I can help.  

Let's jump on a consult call to discuss how coaching can help you advance your career 🌟


A session with Liz gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week

Before the session, I was struggling with finding my voice in conversations at work when I wished to voice a differing opinion or disagreement with a large group or someone at a higher level than me.

This was a fun session because I was able to take an hour, in the middle of a stressful time, to delve deep into what I am struggling with at work and what is in my control to change.

After the session, I realized that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to say the exact right thing, and I'm silencing myself before I get to even try to speak out. I'm now more aware of my inner critic at these times of low confidence in conversation.

I now have tools to ask questions and offer ideas without feeling self-conscious, instead feeling confident that I am doing my best to improve my work and my team's work.

Liz is masterful at getting me to think out loud to realize that a solution was in me all along! She helps me see the internal forces that are holding me back, and she poses different tools and exercises to help me more aware of these at the moment and work to counter the negative thoughts and feelings in the longer term.

I always feel more confident after a session with Liz. I feel it gives me a "lift" for the rest of the week, as I am more actively reflecting and putting tactics we discussed in motion.

Ellen L.

Liz gave me my evenings and weekends back!

Before we worked together, I was overwhelmed - I was working a lot and was struggling to prioritize.

I had so much to do and sometimes felt paralyzed by it all.

My perfectionism meant I had a hard time delegating, because I worried what would happen if I gave up control.

I now have clarity around how to prioritize, and I've been able to take time off to spend with my family!

Michelle C.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to resolve some of my biggest challenges

I was professionally successful, with a loving partner and great friendships.

But I still felt conflicted inside, like I was trying to do everything well, so I couldn’t focus on what was most important.

Our sessions always lead to incredible breakthroughs, and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to resolve some of my biggest challenges.

I realized that it’s like having all the perks of a close friend or mentor who is rooting for you 100%, but who brings a third party perspective and who ONLY focuses on what YOU want.

Emily B.

Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter.

The moment I decided that I needed to work with a leadership coach, I was outside pacing and walking back and forth, almost out of breath from anxiety and stress. I realized how much the situation was having a psychological and physical effect on my person and knew I needed to get out of the situation.

Working with Liz, I felt shifts in my energy. I would almost describe it as stagnation breaking up and I am feeling lighter. It’s like yoga for the brain!

Now I’m feeling confident about my leadership, my boss has noticed and is expanding my role to take on more responsibilities!

Jackie H. - HR Manager

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