Get promoted without being loud or pushy.

Set yourself up to confidently advance  your career by following this easy three month system.

You've been wanting to get promoted for at least a year now. You're told you're doing a great job, but it's discouraging to wait for someone else to say you're ready to advance.

When you're not the kind of person who boasts about accomplishments, it's easy to feel overlooked and overshadowed by those who are more likely 

You're pretty sure the promotion will happen eventually... but what if you could get there faster, and without being loud or pushy? 

This blueprint is designed to get promoted by...

  • Building & strengthening strategic relationships with peers and senior leaders, so you can build a constellation of allied to help you achieve your career goals.
  • Developing the habit of identifying and working on your top 3 priorities, so you focus on what's most important, instead of being distracted by working on someone else's priority.
  • Spending time solving next-level problems, so senior leaders take notice instead of taking you for granted.

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