Article written by guest author JJ CarolanEver since childhood, Joanna knew she wanted to work with animals. From working at a veterinarian’s office for many years to her education in biology, Joanna’s education and work has focused around the care and well-being of animals, which led her into a successful career as a wildlife biologist.

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Impostor Syndrome, Success Stories

This is the story of a womxn who went from having impostor syndrome insomnia to being hailed as a key thought leader within her company.

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Career advancement

It’s the dawn of 2021, and like the start of many new years, we start thinking about renewal for our bodies, our families, and our careers.

There’s a lot of pushback against New Year Resolutions.

But I wanted to share 5 “resolutions” I can get behind for you and your career.

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Impostor Syndrome

If you’ve ever told yourself that you have “impostor syndrome”, you need to read this.

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Leadership Books

Every year I put together a list of books to read in 2021, and this year is no different. Here is my guide to 12 powerful books for you to read from January to December.  I’ve selected this list carefully, looking for books that will grow different areas of your leadership. And also ones that are

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