Live a balanced life as you advance your career

Online | Nov 16-18

Build personal & professional habits that will sustain you on your path to a senior VP role!

Do you feel like you have to choose between your professional life and your personal life?

You and I both know that the biggest problem with "life and career balance" is that it never feels like there's enough time to dedicate to both. 

And when you think about moving into a leadership position, you're concerned about how you can take on more responsibility while still feeling good about the time you give to your friends & family. 

What's worse is that it's like everything always happens all at once. (Seriously, can't the realms of life take turns being in crisis instead of always having crises at the same time??)

Plus many bosses don't fully understand the mental load you're carrying of managing your job AND holding it together at home. (Then add on top that womxn are often expected to carry the emotional burden at both work and home... It's a double whammy of the patriarchy expecting us to handle it all with a smile.)

You want to rise into leadership without losing yourself

What you really want is...

  • to have strategies for asserting boundaries and techniques to remind yourself to set them.
  • to strategically take on more work and extra curriculars to get a promotion but still feel good shutting your laptop at the end of the day to spend quality time with your family.
  • to feel ZERO guilt when taking time for yourself, like sink into a hot bath using your favourite bath bomb and not once worry about what other people need from you.

The Career Breakthrough Summit is your path to living a balanced life as you get promoted

Here's what you need to know about attending the summit


Summit Dates

The Summit will run from Nov 16 - 18. Videos will be available daily where you can listen to bite-sized recordings from coaches & other experts. You'll get actionable insights to apply right away!


Session Access

All videos will be available for 24 hours viewing. Each video is only 15-25 mins, making it easy to watch all the content before the 24 hours is over! 


Virtual Access

You'll be able to enjoy the summit from the comfort of your own home... or anywhere you'd like! Whether it's lounging in your living room or sneaking in the videos while your kids play hockey, you can watch the videos wherever is most comfortable!

What Else!

VIP All Access Pass

After you register, you can upgrade your ticket to a VIP All Access Pass that'll give you unlimited access to the videos, a LIVE kick off connection event and a LIVE coaching workshop to close out the summit!

Summit videos

All videos are pre-recorded with new videos released daily between Nov 16 and 18th.


Take notes in your copy of a Summit Workbook so you can stay organized with all of your new insights. 

Mini Course

Immediate access to a mini course about the 6 influencers that enhance (or detract!) your energy.

Expert Speakers

Learn key strategies from expert coaches, consultants and speakers.

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Meet your host

Hi there!  I'm Liz St. Jean, and I help women advance into leadership positions, feeling confident & powerful as they rise.

My vision is to see an end to the leadership gender gap. I also want to see an end to dysfunctional workplaces, by showing people how to show up with positive energy, no matter how stressful the situation. 

I'm all about helping you feel energized, motivated and confident showing up with a powerful presence, I can't wait to see you at the summit!!


Meet the speakers

Here is our amazing speaker lineup!!

Monday Nov 16

Liz St. Jean

How to take control of your energy and feel powerful in the most stressful situations.

Sophia Seaberry-Perez

How to maintain Sexy Love with your partner as you take on more responsibility at work.

Allison Jackson

How you can prioritize self-care when everything seems important.

Madeline Schwarz

How to activate your empathy and listening power in difficult conversations.

Tues Nov 17

Valerie Rivera & Lauren Grimshaw

Practical ways you can shift workplace culture when everything seems so reactive.

Makeda Andrews

Managing the stress of becoming a new manager.

Kleine Achiles

How to minimize unwanted weight gain when life and work get stressful and busy.

Cait Donovan

Strategies for asserting boundaries and techniques to remind yourself to set them

Wed Nov 18

Keith Sbiral

Simple ways to maintain accountability & meet your goals even when overwhelmed.

Chloe Bass

Overcoming the challenges to making working motherhood work.

Kayla Eggenberger

How to find a schedule that allows you to accomplish what you want to accomplish (even if you're a perfectionist!).

Paige Sholar + Alexa Frank 

The power of connection - how to leverage women empowerment networks like Lean In.

Tania Ricci 

Tips & strategies to successfully educate your children at home.