Energy Leadership Mastermind Sept 2020

3 Modules 3 Chapters 9 Lessons Advanced

About this course

The Energy Leadership Mastermind

Create a sustainable system to tap into higher anabolic energy so you can achieve your career goals.

A six-month group coaching program to help you:

  • Keep the momentum going from the Energy work we’ve done together - so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself… all while keeping a calm, peaceful life outside of work.
  • Build even greater self-awareness and professional confidence - so you can feel optimistic and bring anabolic energy to any work situation, no matter how stressful.
  • Increase your satisfaction on the 8 Leadership Discovery Survey self-assessment ratings - so you’ll feel confident and be seen as a leader ready for the next level.

This is for you if you’re ready to take what you learned about Energy and commit to applying it, being accountable to a group of like-minded women and going deep in your coaching. 

To grow yourself... and your awareness of self.

To develop even greater professional confidence.

The Mastermind is where you take what you already know and apply it.

Because you’re ready to develop your “inner mentor” mindset to feel confident you truly CAN find your own answers.

Course Structure

Only for Mastermind participants!
Only for Mastermind participants!