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even if impostor syndrome 

STOP worrying about what other people think and START advancing your career.

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Advance your career and confidently move into a leadership position

Well hey there!  

The fact that you're on this page tells me that chances are good you’re thinking about moving into a leadership position.

You’re probably a lot like my clients - you're a smart, professional woman, ready to go for a promotion.

And stop me if this sounds familiar... 

  • Even though you know you have a killer resume -- you still can’t help but worry what people actually think and say about you.
  • You struggle to prioritize and often work long hours to make sure everything gets done.
  • You hold back from speaking up in situations when someone else might know more than you.

And here's the thing. You are SO done with it.


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Liz gave me my evenings and weekends back!

Before we worked together, I was overwhelmed - I was working a lot and was struggling to prioritize. 

My perfectionism meant I had a hard time delegating, because I worried what would happen if I gave up control.

I now have clarity around how to prioritize, and I've been able to take time off to spend with my family!


I was professionally successful, with a loving partner and great friendships.  But I still felt conflicted inside, like I was trying to do everything well, so I couldn’t focus on what was most important.

Our sessions always lead to incredible breakthroughs. I was amazed how quickly I resolved some of my biggest challenges.

I realized that it’s like having all the perks of a close friend or mentor who ONLY focuses on what YOU want.


I faced imposter syndrome, and had trouble staying motivated with my job hunt.

I learned how to practice self-care and motivate myself. I learned how to talk to myself as I would with a friend.

Liz listened and asked great follow up questions, that got me thinking about problem-solving

Liz's feedback was very actionable and I'd recommend speaking with her!


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